Entering the Job Market as You Complete Your MBA Can Be Daunting

Entering the Job Market as You Complete Your MBA Can Be Daunting

The Space and Time to Find that Perfect Job

For international students looking for opportunities to live and work abroad, Rotterdam School of Management has an effective solution

Entering the job market as you complete your MBA can be daunting.

Business today is global. And so too is talent.

If you’ve opted for an MBA with world-class international credentials, you’re off to a good start. You’ll graduate with the solid business core, the international mindset, the insight, experience and grist-to-the-mill skill set to genuinely stand out from the crowd.

But what about logistics?

What if you are an international student looking to explore opportunities or deepen your experience within Europe?

With economic growth forecast at 2.7% in the Eurozone over the coming months, there are likely to be many new and exciting opportunities for overseas MBAs keen to experience global mobility as they enter the job market.

But as governments struggle to keep pace with the growth of global business, administrative issues like visas and work permits can hamper your chances of finding the right job within the right timeframe.

Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University’s (RSM) International Full-time MBA programme offers an effective solution to international students looking to stay on in Europe after graduation and explore openings with European companies.

And it’s a solution, says Brandon Kirby, Director of MBA Marketing and Admissions at RSM that has more than a little to do with “Dutch values.”

“The Netherlands is well-known for being progressive, and this attitude extends to immigration in Europe. For RSM MBA graduates from outside of Europe, this translates in practical terms into a one-year search visa that entitles them to stay on in the country while looking for the right job.”

So the pressure is effectively off in terms of jumping at the first opportunity, says Kirby.

“The visa gives you that wriggle room to really explore different jobs and see where the best fit for you lies. You can be selective about opportunities – which makes sense because you’ve already been selective about the kind of MBA and business school you’ve chosen for your professional development.”

In the event, the majority of students secure a job that meets (or exceeds) their expectations within three months of graduating.

“We have really high placement rates. So much so that most, if not all, graduates get that job right after they finish the MBA. But for those who need to spend a bit more time, the option is there. It also alleviates a bunch of stress during the programme, because overseas students know they can stay on after graduation.”

So how does it work?

The search visa is open to anyone who has completed an advanced degree – an MBA or higher degree – in the Netherlands and who can demonstrate proficiency in English or in Dutch. A one-off payment to cover costs is incurred on application.

And graduates have up to three years to activate the visa.

“This is one of the best things. A student can actually wait for up to three years before enacting the one-year visa. So the options really open right up. That said, most of our graduates are snapped up fast.”

Which is certainly the case of Sheiva Bedoya from Peru.

“I chose RSM because I didn’t want to do my MBA at a U.S. school. I wanted to really explore business in its more international expression and then look at where that would take me in terms of my career.” Now Product Development Manager with Teeez, Sheiva says that the search visa was a stepping stone to professional success. “It gave me the buffer I needed to pinpoint my search and focus on the opportunities that best mapped to my skills and ambitions. I’m originally from Peru and I have zero regrets about staying in the Netherlands. What I learned on the MBA has been consolidated by staying on in Europe and translating my studies into hands-on experience.”

The search visa offers a host of benefits to employers too.

Recruiters come to RSM to find the kind of international outlook and broadened thinking that enables new recruits to “hit the deck running.”

“International companies need international talent,” says Joep Elemans, Director of RSM Careers Centre. “Talent that companies can nurture and develop for leadership positions that might be here or overseas.”

The search visa makes this easier. “It’s a two-way search visa, if you like. Not only do the student get to stay on in The Netherlands and look for jobs, but we also give companies access to the kind of talent that they want to invest in as their organisation grows and extends its international leverage.”

If you are an international student looking to develop your professional knowledge, aptitudes and mindset in one of the world’s foremost international business schools, RSM can offer you a world-class MBA programme. And a gateway to the world. Get in touch with our admissions team today to find out how we can help you make the most of your talent.