Join us on November 18th at the Forumzaal at Erasmus University Rotterdam

After several years of interruption, ECWO’s annual Gender Balanced Leadership Conference returns to explore the theme (Re)Connecting (Wo)men.

Taking place at De Forumzaal, Erasmus University, on November 18th, the 2022 conference delves into the question ‘’How can we leverage the power of women’s networks and the tailwind for inclusion to create collaborative networks that lead necessary change?’’

The global experience of the pandemic and the return to (hybrid) work means connecting is more important, and perhaps more difficult, than ever – and our conference provides not just thought-provoking and inspiring speakers but an opportunity for in-person reconnection of our community.

ECWO’s research team is currently investigating the degree and need for commitment and cooperation among professional and industry-focused women’s organisations and networks in the Netherlands and this research will be shared with participants at the conference.

Our conference is aimed at women (and men) from academia, industry, business, public sector, and specifically women’s organisations, who are motivated to connect to drive positive change towards gender equality, and use gender equality to accelerate sustainable societal change

In honour of our founder, we will be presenting the Dianne Bevelander Prize to our first winner, Geke Rosier, at the conference.

The programme includes keynote speakers Denise Abbott, Senior Vice President of HR for FedEx Europe, Wing Tang of Women Connected, and Jens van Tricht, founder and director of Emancipator.

Our programme also features masterclasses and workshops with:

* Dr. Valérie M. Saintot, LL.M., lawyer, adjunct professor at SKEMA business school, researcher, and mindfulness teacher

* Maria Carmen Punzi, PhD researcher at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM), researching menstrual health enterprises and the menstrual movement

* Anne Mpaulo and Linzi Fidelin, founders of Ani’s World.

The programme will be moderated by our Executive Director, Prof Hanneke Takkenberg and our research head and faculty, Prof Mike Page. Full programme details will be shared in the coming weeks.

You can buy your tickets on this link.

We cannot wait to see you again!

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The Erasmus Centre for Women and Organisations (ECWO) at the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM) is committed to creating organisations where all women are fully and equitably engaged at all levels. ECWO provides education, research and advocacy that benefits individual women, organisations and society as a whole and helps create communities of women who support and empower each other in creating change. ECWO’s open programmes, in-company programmes, coaching, events, advisory alliances, research and advocacy drive its vision of a world where all women have an equal share of organisational power and influence.

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