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Knowledge platform CollectieveKracht and Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) are joining forces to develop a new research tool for citizen collectives. The project, conducted by a research group of Prof. Tine De Moor from Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM), was facilitated by a contribution from the Erasmus Trust Fund, Erasmus University's official support fund for scientific research.

With this grant, the research group of Professor Tine De Moor (RSM) and Dr Amineh Ghorbani (TU Delft) can start developing and implementing an innovative research tool based on 'agent-based modelling and simulation' (ABMS). The tool will help citizen collectives determine which rules and agreements best suit their organisations. The simulation supports their choices by comparing the characteristics of many collectives. The more citizen collectives use the research tool, the more accurately the decision support system works.

Resilient organisations

Through this research tool and by other means, CollectieveKracht helps citizen collectives develop into resilient organisations. The knowledge platform provides citizen collectives with reliable, scientific-based knowledge. The scientists connected to the Sciencelab play an important role in this. These researchers are based in universities and colleges throughout the Netherlands and come from many different scientific disciplines. Through the Sciencelab, they are given the opportunity to share their existing knowledge directly and in an accessible way with citizen collectives. The questions from the community of citizen collectives are always leading. The grant of the Erasmus Trust Fund now makes it possible to develop one of the research tools.

The research results of the members of the Sciencelab are presented in a public-friendly way, for example in the form of accessible articles, infographics and videos. The more interactive results – the research tools – will be kept available to all participants registered on the platform. These tools will continue to serve the collectives and generate data that can be used for further scientific research. In this way, CollectieveKracht aims to create lasting interaction between social and scientific partners and to pursue mutual respect, understanding and co-operation through transdisciplinary research.

More information

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