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Ready to unlock your full potential as a business leader? Join one of our top-ranked MBA programmes here at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University. Our quadruple accredited programmes offer a transformational MBA journey. With our faculty consisting of big thinkers, industry experts and exceptional scholars, RSM offers a distinct intellectual culture based on the values of being critical, creative, caring and collaborative.

Benefits of an MBA

  • Accelerated career growth

    An MBA can fast-track your career by equipping you with the necessary skills and credentials to stand out in the competitive job market.

  • Enhanced business knowledge and strategic thinking skills

    Through an MBA, you'll gain in-depth knowledge of various business disciplines, such as finance, marketing, and operations, enabling you to make informed decisions and think strategically.

  • Expanded professional network

    One of the key benefits of pursuing an MBA is the opportunity to connect and network with a diverse group of professionals, including classmates, alumni, and industry experts, expanding your professional network.

  • Improved leadership and management abilities

    An MBA programme offers valuable leadership development opportunities, helping you hone your management skills, enhance your ability to lead teams, and become an effective decision-maker.

  • Increased earning potential and higher salary prospects

    By completing an MBA, you can significantly improve your career prospects and unlock higher earning potential, positioning yourself for greater financial success in the long run.

Types of MBA Programmes

RSM offers a diverse range of MBA programmes tailored to meet the unique needs and aspirations of aspiring business leaders. Our portfolio includes the following MBA programmes: 

  1. International Full-time MBA – This MBA programme takes one year to complete. It is a transformative journey that equips aspiring business leaders in 12 months with the critical-thinking, problem-solving, leadership and communication skills needed, to excel in today's dynamic business environment 
  2. Executive MBA – This 18-month part-time MBA programme is designed for experienced professionals seeking to enhance their leadership capabilities and drive their careers to new heights. The EMBA programme is a part-time programme. This gives you flexibility to balance your career commitments with your learning journey, so you can experiment with new ideas and approaches in the workplace as you progress. Gain the skills and knowledge to navigate complex business challenges.
  3. Global Executive MBA – This MBA programme is a transformative 21-month journey for seasoned executives where experiential learning is key. The GEMBA programme, delivered in Rotterdam, one of the world's key economic hubs, expand your global perspective, leadership skills, and network while tackling business challenges in a dynamic international environment.

Full-time MBA

  • Full-time
  • Duration: 12 months
  • Average age: 30
  • Average work experience: 7 years 

Executive MBA

  • Part-time
  • Duration: 18 months
  • Average age: 35
  • Average work experience: 11 years

Global Executive MBA

  • Part-time
  • Duration: 21 months
  • Average age: 41
  • Average work experience: 17 years
  • Average managerial experience: 8 years

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Career Opportunities for the RSM MBA Graduates

The RSM MBA graduates drive positive change across diverse sectors. Many graduates choose to stay in Europe after their MBA. The dedicated RSM MBA Career Centre supports students in finding impactful careers, providing tools and global exposure. RSM's experiential learning and skill development lead to promising prospects. The Career Centre connects students with top companies like Google, Amazon, and ASML, offering workshops, coaching, and alumni networking events. After graduation, you join a network of 45,000+ RSM alumni. RSM's MBA programmes equip ambitious graduates with the means to become a force for positive change and make a difference in the world.

Employment Report for Full-time MBA Class of 2022



MBA Curriculum

What kind of leader will you be?

One of the overlapping core courses in the MBA programmes for Full-time MBA and Executive MBA is the Personal Leadership Development Programme (PLD). The equivalent for the Global Executive MBA  is the Strategic Leadership Development Programme. 

The MBA experience comprehensively integrates leadership. Leadership development is woven into every class, assignment, and project, challenging you to apply theoretical concepts to real-world scenarios and make informed decisions as a true business leader. Through dialogue and interaction with peers and leaders from diverse backgrounds, industries, and cultures, the PLD programme helps you build your leadership competencies.

In the GEMBA programme, the Strategic Leadership Development track focuses on developing the competencies required to serve as a successful strategic leader. This track includes both Personal Leadership (PL) and Strategic Leadership (SL) components. The PL component develops foundational leadership skills like curiosity, power dynamics, ecological well-being, and purpose. SL focuses on strategic leadership skills at or below the C-suite level, including performance monitoring, problem diagnosis, vision development, stakeholder engagement, strategic decision-making, and sustainability.

The value of an MBA at RSM

Throughout the programmes, RSM provides the tools, guidance, and opportunities to practice, ensuring continual progress and learning. Peers and coaches offer unwavering support. Engagement with the marketplace allows for the practical application of acquired knowledge. If you are seeking to change as a person, develop yourself, and discover new opportunities, pursuing an MBA may be the right path for you. At RSM, our MBA programmes offer a little magic that sets it apart and aligns with your aspirations. 

Pursuing an MBA at RSM is a gateway to personal and professional growth. With our top-ranked programmes, experienced faculty, and commitment to excellence, we offer a transformative learning experience that equips you with the skills and knowledge to thrive in today's dynamic business environment. Whether you choose our Full-time, Executive, or Global Executive MBA, you'll join a supportive community, gain valuable industry connections, and unlock a world of career opportunities.

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