Khadija van der Straaten
Assistant Professor
Rotterdam School of Management (RSM)
Erasmus University Rotterdam

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Khadija van der Straaten is Assistant Professor researching International Business and Sustainability at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University. Her main research topics include gender and inequality in multinational enterprises and their value chains. Her research has been published in the peer-reviewed scientific journals Journal of International Business and Critical Perspectives on International Business and has been featured on the World Economic Forum Agenda. She is associate member of the John H Dunning Centre for International Business at Henley Business School, UK.


Academic (2)
  • van der Straaten, K., Narula, R., & Giuliani, E. (2023). The multinational enterprise, development, and the inequality of opportunities: A research agenda. Journal of International Business Studies.

  • van der Straaten, K., Pisani, N., & Kolk, A. (2020). Unraveling the MNE wage premium. Journal of International Business Studies, 51(9), 1355-1390.

Academic (1)
  • Narula, R., & van der Straaten, K. (2021). A comment on the multifaceted relationship between multinational enterprises and within-country inequality. Critical Perspectives on International Business, 17(1), 32-51.

Professional (1)


Business Sustainability & Social-Ecological Systems

  • Study year: 2023/2024, 2022/2023, 2021/2022, 2020/2021
  • Code: BM01GBS
  • Level: ERIM, Exchange, IM/CEMS, Master

Global Business Strategies

  • Study year: 2023/2024, 2022/2023, 2021/2022, 2020/2021
  • Code: BM02GBS
  • Level: ERIM, Exchange, IM/CEMS, Master

Past courses

International Business from a Societal Perspective

  • Study year: 2022/2023, 2021/2022
  • Code: B3T4104
  • Level: Bachelor 3, Bachelor 3, Bachelor 3

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