Take up the challenge of our online and on-campus escape rooms – it’s fun, and you’ll understand how interconnected the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are. They have been adopted worldwide to protect the planet while supporting prosperity for all, and they underpin RSM’s mission to be a force for positive change.

Use your innovative senses, creative solutions, and critical thinking skills to solve the Escape Room challenges and learn about the interconnections in production, waste, and pollution. Find out for yourself that working towards one goal also means working towards another.

You can play the RSM Escape Room online and on campus to tackle a series of intellectual challenges about sustainable development, specifically focused on SDG 12, sustainable consumption and production. Your team must discover and solve clues and puzzles to find your way out of the rooms. Good luck and have fun!

Play the on-campus escape room

Try our physical escape room on campus now! Sign up with a team of four or five people and find your way out. It is a fun challenge with a focus on SDG12. Will you be able to escape in 60 minutes? Some serious collaboration and creativity is required here in the battle for responsible consumption and production!

It costs €25 per team to play, which will fully go to the Hummingbird Fund. With your donation you help the funding of student initiatives that focus on making positive change in their surroundings.

You must present proof of your team’s donation to the Hummingbird Fund before you can enter the escape room. You can do so by for example showing the donation to the fund in your bank’s app.

The on-campus escape room is located in the Mandeville Building on the 1st floor. When you enter the building you don't take the escalator, but the stairs to the 1st floor instead. On your left you will find the escape room!

If you have any questions, please email positivechange@rsm.nl


Why play?

Social activity

The Escape Room as a social activity

Develop your skills

People developing their skills during the SDG escape room

Purposeful play

The escape room is a form of purposeful play

Play the online escape room


Play with two to six players


You need a PC per person with stable internet access (min. 10 Mbps)


The escape room portal works on Chrome, Brave, and Safari

Play the online escape room for free, using the code SDG2030ESCAPE.

Hummingbird Fund logo

Every minute in the end game of the escape room is a year closer to 2030, the year when the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals aim to be met. Your team decides how you can best use the options available to you to achieve as many SDGs as possible by 2030.
The Positive Change Initiative webpage has a real life ticker, counting down the days and minutes left until 2030. It shows the urgency of the SDGs and that time to act for the SDGs is now. Read more about the SDG countdown and RSM’s Positive Change Initiative here.