At RSM, we already want to teach you about the challenges our world faces – while also giving you one of the best business educations in Europe.

But not everything can be learned in a classroom. Some of the most inspiring experiences can come when students like you step outside and create your own project.

In partnership with Erasmus Trustfonds and SIR Grants, RSM Bachelor, Master, and MBA students can pitch to receive funding of between €500 and €3000 to design their own learning experiences.

We don’t want to limit your creativity, so there’s no particular type of project that we recommend, but your project must:

  • Help you to have a positive impact on the world
  • Directly or indirectly help you and your classmates to learn more about business, management or leadership
  • Not directly benefit you or a for-profit business (social enterprises and charities can benefit)
  • Be fully costed with a short business plan, and must start no earlier than 6 weeks after 2 March 2020

If your project is successful, you will receive guidance on how to get started from RSM staff, you will complete an evaluation to report on its success or failure, and must agree to be featured in marketing related to the fund.