Bachelor Programmes

The department of Marketing Management contributes to the curriculum of both the Bachelor of Science in International Business Administration (IBA) programme as well as the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (Bedrijfskunde) programme.

Course topics include: Marketing Management and International Marketing Research.

In addition to introductory courses, we also offer elective courses on Business-to-Business Marketing and Global Marketing and Competition. 

Master Programme


With ever stronger impact of social media, big data, and globalization, now is a very exciting time to begin a career in marketing. Previous generations of marketers actively seek new generation of talent to help them face the challenges of the fast shifting landscape of marketing. Fresh graduates with personal experience and formal training incorporating these newly emerging domains can quickly rise in prominence and make a real impact in their organizations.

This well-established Msc Marketing Management programme has been proven to provide a solid education if you want to pursue a career in marketing-related function, and has a strong reputation for delivering high quality graduates. We make sure all students meet the key demands of the current job market: real-life problem solving skills, international perspective, and leadership, teamwork, and communication skills, while giving them the freedom to follow their passion by designing their own curriculum (i.e. choosing their own electives and thesis topic). 

Research Master in Business and Management

Whether you aspire to an international academic career, or want to do research in the wider world of business, the Research Master in Business and Management provides the ideal preparation. In this exclusive master programme offered by the high-ranking research institute ERIM, a select group of students will be taught by top researchers in management. With no more than 30 students, the two-year programme offers individual supervision, a highly personal approach and the opportunity to pursue your own research interests. This programme is the ideal preparation if your ambition is to pursue a PhD in Management at a top research institution.

PhD in Management

Talented students interested in an academic career in Marketing can apply to join the PhD programme in Management at ERIM, a top research institute in Europe. The ideal candidate has a strong research background in one of the core disciplines (e.g., psychology, economics, business, statistics or mathematics), and has the ambition to pursue an international career as a leading academic. Marketing PhD projects at RSM Erasmus University are generally in one of three areas – quantitative modeling, behavioral consumer research, or consumer neuroscience. The project will be defined by the student and the supervisory team and thus requires creativity, self-direction, and passion for scientific research. The candidate is further encouraged to interact and work with other faculty members both inside and outside RSM.

Erasmus University has established a strong reputation for research excellence and PhD supervision in the field of marketing. It is consistently ranked in the top-3 of most productive universities outside of North America (counting publications in the top marketing journals). The department is especially noted for the quality of the research conducted. For example, PhD graduates from RSM Erasmus have won the top honors at the annual EMAC – McKinsey awards (celebrating the best European doctoral dissertation research in marketing) twice in the last four years. Doctoral students are also encouraged and funded to conduct extended research visits in the best North American universities – over the past five years our doctoral students have visited Stanford University, Harvard University, the University of Chicago, the University of Pennsylvania, and the University of Florida.

The doctoral programme at RSM Erasmus University offers unparalleled support in funding and research facilities. Notably the Erasmus Behavioral Lab is one of the best equipped behavioral laboratories in the world, featuring 28 sound-isolated cubicles, a large subject pool, and several state-of-the-art measurement devices (EEG, eye tracking, video monitoring etc.). Interested candidates are invited to visit the ERIM PhD in Management website for information about application procedures and criteria. Please also feel free to contact the coordinator of the PhD Programme in Marketing, Dr. Steven Sweldens, for more information.