International Consultancy Project / Buddy Programme

International Consultancy Project / Buddy Programme

All our visiting graduate international exchange students participate in the Master Exchange Programme.Some of these international exchange students will be participating in the International Consultancy Project. This programme is organised twice a year: in the autumn (September – December) and in the spring (end of January – end of May).

A select group of MSc students from RSM can also participate in the International Consultancy Project. We call this programme the ‘International Consultancy Project/Buddy Programme’. The programme offers a great experience of studying and working with students from all over the world for a period of four months. Participation is also an excellent preparation for an exchange abroad.

RSM students receive 12.5 ECTS for participation, which exempts them from one Master Free Elective.

Features when participating in the ICP/Buddy Programme:
  • In the beginning of the programme the RSM student acts as an Exchange Ambassador (formely known as ICP buddy) for a group of about 6 students, who also participate in the International Consultancy Project;
  • The student participates in a consultancy-style International Consultancy Project with a team of international students;
  • The student continues with his/her regular master studies at RSM;
  • The student builds up his/her CV and network of friends and future business contacts at the same time;
  • Participation feels like an exchange in Rotterdam.

Because of its longstanding and excellent reputation, the International Consultancy Project is the primary reason to choose Rotterdam, say many of our incoming students. And the more students RSM receives from our partner schools, the more RSM can send in return.