Student Advisers for Master

Student Advisers for Master

Who are we?

Our student adviser team provides a designated point of contact, where you can access friendly and professional help, advice and guidance during your studies at RSM. We are familiar with all aspects of the course programmes. We understand that it is not always easy to come and see us. It is therefore good to realize that you are not only welcome to contact us when there is a problem regarding your studies, but also for help with a realistic study plan, choice between an exchange / internship or advice on choosing a (second) master programme.

When do you come and see us? 

  • If you have questions regarding studying in general: study planning, study methods, time-management, taking exams etc.
  • If personal circumstances may affect your study progress (illness, family matters etc.)
  • If you need help with issues involving the examination board:, lodging an appeal, extra examination requests, master admission etc.
  • If you need help in case of specific situations: studying whilst having a professional sports career, studying with a disability, study delays in general, special arrangements for taking exams etc.
  • If you need help making a choice: change of study programme, internship/ exchange, second study, future career steps etc.
  • If you need assistance with university issues (Studielink, tuition fee, etc.) or national regulations (DUO, IND,etc.).
  • If you are a prospective student and if you want more information about our programmes.

How do you reach us?

Via accessible office hours , open consultation hours, telephone consultation hours and appointment only slots (scheduled via our online appointment system, see contact) 

All conversations between student and student adviser are strictly confidential and information provided by a student is confidential and will not be divulged to any third party without the student’s permission. For more information see also the LVSA. The LVSA is the national association of student advisers.

The student advisers are independent in their advising. They always take into account the special circumstances and needs of individual students. Do not postpone coming to see us when you have a question(s): for every appointment we take sufficient time and experience has shown that answers and solutions are often closer at hand than you might expect. And in case we cannot help you ourselves, we can get you into contact with someone who can.