Personal circumstances

Personal circumstances

Personal circumstances can seriously affect your study progress. With the student advisers you can (confidentially) discuss all kinds of situations that hamper your study progress: we will advise you and, if necessary, take action within the RSM to minimize study delay.

What are personal circumstances?

About 10% of all students may be affected by unforeseen serious circumstances beyond their control. For instance: sudden acute illness, personal issues, family circumstance or close personal bereavement; long term medical conditions or disabilities can also cause study delay or will necessitate specific measures. 

What can the student advisers do for you in practice?

When there are legitimate and proven circumstances, we can advise the Examination Board

  • to extend validity of project and grades
  • to grant examination on a laptop or in a quiet location
  • to grant an exemption from certain standards, such as the Binding Study Advice or the Master Admission standard

If necessary, we can refer you to the student counsellors of Erasmus University for issues such as study funding or choice of studies, or to the university psychologists for personal guidance and therapeutic group sessions on different themes.


When do I notify the student adviser?

Personal circumstances can only be taken into account if student advisers are informed as soon as possible! If we are informed in time, practical guidance and solutions are often possible. If personal circumstances are reported too late ( after the resits in July/ August), when you have not fulfilled the master admissions criteria, they will not be taken into account by the Examination Board.