• Due to the current Corona situation, our office in Mandeville building is closed. Therefore the studentadvisers work from home until further notice. You can reach us as follows:

    • E-mail ( Always use your EUR e-mail account to communicate with the student advisers and mention your student number in your message. In that way we can follow up your questions accordingly. 
    • Online appointment through Microsoft Teams/Zoom: if you need more time to discuss your situation, please make a reservation (of 30 minutes) through our online appointment system. First select your study program, then the name of 1 of the studentadvisers and finally the date and timeslot that is available. Upon scheduling the appointment you will receive an automatic reply to confirm the details of your reservation. 
    • Telephone consultation (short questions): from Monday - Thursday between 9.30 - 11.30 AM* according to the schedule below via our direct numbers (see contact details at our profile pictures). Please note: if you can't reach us we are most likely on the phone with another student at that moment. We can't follow up voice mails so we kindly ask you to call us again at bit later. *If you are currently abroad and in another time zone, please send us an e-mail to arrange an appropriate moment to schedule a call. 
    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
    Iren Thea Iren Thea no telephone consultation

    Any changes in our availability will be communicated through SIN-Online channel RSM IBA Study Advice and via the schedule below.

    Changes in the availability

    Date Change  Reason


  • Currently our office is closed until further notice.

    Office Student advisers IBA
    Burgemeester Oudlaan 50
    Mandeville building (T)
    Room T5-17