Freek Deelen

Freek Deelen

Study | Year of graduation: Executive MBA, 2008

Employment: Fokker Technologies

Job title: Director Strategy

What are the most valuable skills that you took from your education at RSM?
"I learned from working with the different people at RSM. Different backgrounds across industries brings a strong diversity that is invaluable. It forces you to look at challenges from different angles and come up with much better answers. There is not one way to a solution. It is the most important lesson I took with me in my every day way of working. Bottom line, bringing diversification into teams and the debate accelerates performance and results beyond just great."

What was the most memorable moment at RSM?
"The study trip to India. It was my first time there. The speed of development and enormous drive of people there to advance is overwhelming. It is food for thought and makes you think not if but when India and also China will lead our global direction and how one maintains a balance within the social environment."

How would your former classmates describe you?
"For me it is more about what impression I left with the classmates I worked with closely. Reliable, building bridges, assertive thinker and going the extra mile. These are personal characteristics that I rely on every day to make a difference."

Name three things that make you smile each day!
"Of course it is family with our two sons of 3 and 4 years. The simplicity and total honesty in how they approach life puts things into perspective. And there is home, sitting at the kitchen table together watching all the ships, especially the big cruise ships pass by in front of our house. Also it is friends that bring that smile as they are an important element in the balance between work and private life."

What is your greatest passion in life?
"Besides family, it is aircraft. Every time when I see one of those big planes take off, it makes me feel proud. Especially knowing that our people contributed to something that brings 500 people from A to B safely. Working in Aerospace, is like Disneyland every day. Being able for myself as well as seeing others making a difference every day releases a strong energy dosis."