Gayatri Shetty

Gayatri Shetty

Study | Year of graduation: FT MBA, 2015

Employer: PACE Business Partners, Amsterdam

Job title: Technology and innovation consultant

What are the most valuable skills that you took from your education at RSM?
"The biggest lessons I learned, were from the people around me – my classmates, professors, the people working at RSM, and the people I lived and breathed with for the entire year. I learned how to judge and understand people and manage emotions better. The study routine and environment at RSM, accompanied by innumerable presentations and discussions I had with people inside and outside class, helped me recognise and set apart valuable information, and focus and give structure to my thoughts appropriately."

What was the most memorable moment at RSM?
"Some of the most memorable moments are around the lobby and Maria’s Cantina. They are the countless discussions with my classmates and professors about everything from ‘if the British rule was good for India’ to ‘fiscal policies' to ‘how certain European scripts are similar to South Indian ones’ to ‘how to mix up the best South American cocktails’. This was only possible because of the diverse and rich experience and backgrounds the people around me had and how all of us were brought together by the motivation and thirst to learn."

How would your former classmates describe you?
"Someone who is nice to be around, helpful and of course great to talk to. At least that’s the impression I hoped to create."

Name three things that make you smile each day!
"There are many things that put a smile on my face every day. These include things that are heartwarming, awe-inspiring or simply amusing. For example:

  1. people sitting like drones in the train – with headphones plugged in, staring at nothing, eyes wide open as if they saw a ghost
  2. children dancing around, with no care in the world. Most of whom will be turned into one of those people above by society 
  3. at the end of the day I think of three people who believed in me, appreciated what I did and whose life I made a little simpler through the day. This thought of satisfaction, and that I was of use to someone makes me smile. An MBA would say ‘bring “value" to someone’s life’."

What is your greatest passion in life?
"To strive to give the best into whatever I do – be it work, family, or my professional or personal life. If someone has included me in something, such as a meeting at work or as a personal confidante – I’m there for a reason and will give everything I have to make myself useful in the situation. I don’t like being dormant, and can’t do it very well unfortunately."

What is your ‘I WILL’?
"My statement last year was ‘I WILL empower the world to be a better place’. This still remains one of my biggest goals, the process is ongoing."