Each year, RSM Distinguished Alumni Awards are presented to outstanding RSM alumni who have shown excellence in business, and for their contribution to society. This year, three recipients were recognised for business achievement, entrepreneurial spirit and social impact respectively. They were chosen by the RSM community from a shortlist of eight nominees exemplifying leadership and RSM’s values, and represent its breadth and diversity.

Award Recipients 2017

“RSM’s Distinguished Alumni Awards identify people who have gone above and beyond their chosen career path while staying true to the values that have been imparted to them while at RSM,” says jury member Christine Lim. “Receiving this award is a true testament of an RSM graduate who has positively affected communities and businesses in their society.”

The 2017 RSM Distinguished Alumni are:

  • Social impact: Elizabeth Rogers (International Full-time MBA 2013)
  • Entrepreneurial spirit: Zahir Dehnadi (International Full-time MBA 2010)
  • Business achievement: Sofya Shuster (MSc Finance & Investments 2011)

If this model works, then I can foresee getting printers in villages all over, enabling local manufacturing and getting even those in remote areas the tools they need to improve their lives.

Elizabeth Rogers (International Full-time MBA, 2013)

Elizabeth Rogers

Our company has no team leaders; everyone is encouraged to build their role and responsibilities around their personal strengths. Our vision is to reinvent business, to devise a new model that makes work productive, fulfilling, and meaningful.

Zahir Dehnadi (International Full-time MBA, 2010)

Zahir Dehnadi

I want to be the best I can be professionally and personally, for family and friends, for communities, and for society, aiming to keep learning and developing my career. I want to increase my ability to positively impact the world.

Sofya Shuster (MSc Finance & Investments, 2011)

Sofya Shuster