The recipients of this years' Distinguished Alumni Awards have gone above and beyond by contributing to the RSM community, the enviornment, businesses, and society. They are committed to making a positive impact and embody RSM's mission of being a force for positive change. Two categories of awards were recognised this year: for achievement, and for volunteering.

The recipients of the Distinguished Alumni Awards 2019 are:

Li An really gives 100 per cent to her work and no challenge is too big for her. She and RSM can inspire the world with ground-breaking work to achieve several of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. - G. de Waal-Chong and M. van der Graaff

Li An Phoa (Alumni Achievement Award Recipient 2019)

Li An Phoa

This is the story of a quiet, determined man, committed to a cause. Jeroen helps improve healthcare and quality of life for patients, has faith in his team and does what needs to be done – this makes him a truly inspiring RSM alumnus and business leader. - R. Sharma

Jeroen Nieuwenhuis (Alumni Achievement Award Recipient 2019)

Jeroen Nieuwenhuis

I like to contribute to a better world by dedicating time to share my work experiences with anyone who might be facing the same challenges I’ve had. There is nothing more effective than a good word of advice from someone who’s been there already.

Gianmarco Villa (Alumni Volunteer Award Recipient 2019)

Gianmarco Villa

Jeroen is a perfect representative for the school and even the Netherlands. He now lives in Bahrain, and I'm sure he's going to find and bring together alumni even on that tiny island. He is always up to meet people and build meaningful connections. Jeroen doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk as well. - B. Megchiani

Jeroen Reyes Stolker (Alumni Volunteer Award Recipient 2019)

Jeroen Reyes Stolker