Jeroen Reyes Stolker

Full-time MBA, 2000

Alumni Volunteer Award Recipient 2019

Portrait of Jeroen Reyes Stolker

Building meaningful connections in Europe and the Middle East

RSM was Jeroen’s bridge from engineering in Venezuela into a career in the global financial sector. This started at Citi in London, followed by positions at Citi and Barclays in Spain. He moved to Dubai with Barclays in 2014, and has been working for Arab Banking Corporation in Bahrain since this year.

Since completing his degree almost 20 years ago, Jeroen has lead two of RSM’s most active local chapters. He co-founded the Spanish chapter and re-energised the RSM alumni community in the Middle East.

Jeroen has brought people, including RSM’s Dean, together for annual brunches, professional forums, and various other events, and worked closely with Dutch business councils in both Spain and the UAE. “Even if we always could do more for the world, what is important is that we all contribute in the small circle that we can control and live in,” Jeroen says.

“Jeroen is a perfect representative for the school and even the Netherlands. He now lives in Bahrain, and I'm sure he's going to find and bring together alumni even on that tiny island,” says nominator Bhavika Megchiani, a friend who met Jeroen in Dubai and recently completed her RSM MBA (2018). “He is always up to meet people and build meaningful connections. Jeroen doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk as well.”