Gianmarco Villa

MSc in Strategic Management, 2013

Alumni Volunteer Award Recipient 2019

Gianmarco Villa

Coaching and motivating young people throughout their career

One of Gianmarco’s career highlights as a business planner in Nike’s JD Group was the opportunity to manage a new member of his team. He said this possibility to grow from ‘self-leader’ to ‘team leader’ was the start of a new exciting chapter in his professional life.

“It has always been a great source of motivation for me to share my experiences and advice, but really being in charge as co-pilot of someone’s career takes the approach to work to a whole new level.”

Gianmarco also uses this experience to help students through the RSM MentorMe platform. He is one of RSM’s top-rated and most sought-after mentors, and has completed more than 60 consultations. Students say he has also given great follow-ups to their initial consultations.

He got this drive from his parents. “They always had a bucket full of suggestions for all personal and professional experiences. That was really useful.”

Gianmarco plans to keep giving back to the RSM community through coaching and mentoring, as it helps in his own development too. “I like to contribute to a better world by dedicating time to share my work experiences with anyone who might be facing the same challenges I’ve had. There is nothing more effective than a good word of advice from someone who’s been there already.”