This event is expired since Saturday, 8 May 2021 .

RSM Alumni Germany: Get-together & Masterclass with the Dean

In this exclusive event for RSM alumni based in Germany, we will give you an opportunity to meet RSM’s Dean Ansgar Richter (appointed in 2019), catch-up with the news from school and get the latest insights on ‘’dynamic capabilities’’ concept in a bite-sized masterclass. After the learning part of this event, we will invite you to join break-out rooms per your city/region to connect with fellow alumni.

More about the masterclass:

“Bread-and-butter business, dynamic capabilities, and the performance of firms: What do we know, and what is yet to be explored?”

In the management literature, there is a big hype around the concept of “dynamic capabilities” as critical success factors for firms. And sure enough, such dynamic capabilities – for example the capacity of firms to reinvent themselves – are important, in particular in situations of change. At the same time, the role of more basic operational (“bread-and-butter”) capabilities is often overlooked. In my talk, I will try to clarify what these different types of capabilities actually are, what companies can do to develop them, and how best to combine them to maximum effect.