Optimise your teaching cases and publication submissions

If you already have cases prepared for using in class or for publication, we can help you to optimise them.

Feedback on teaching cases

You will get detailed feedback on your teaching cases and teaching notes from our skilled and experienced team of case writers. We start with the fundamentals: teaching and learning objectives, discussion questions and potential solutions, content and layout, before helping you to diagnose the important issues in each of your cases. That will involve:

  • checking the quality of material against learning objectives
  • ensuring there is potential for multiple interpretations
  • making sure your purpose and direction is not obscured by unnecessary detail
  • checking for clarity of language and ease of reading.

You can use our feedback to test your case, revise it and pilot it for best teaching results.

Quality checks on publication cases

If your case is for publication, our experienced case editors check the quality of writing, style, punctuation and grammar. What do academic researchers think of your cases? We ask them to review your cases and teaching notes and provide feedback from their theoretical perspectives. An academic review of your material can enhance the suitability and usability of your teaching case in class.