Case workshops

Case workshops

We can help you improve your case teaching or writing skills in just a day. Our Case Teaching and Case Writing workshops aim to help people – academic staff, business professionals, and others – to develop, write and teach cases. 

Case Teaching Workshop
Case studies are a common tool for learning and teaching. A teaching case is a snapshot of an actual situation – it describes a challenge faced by an organisation and compels students to step into the shoes of its decision-makers and come up with solutions. 

RSM CDC is dedicated to the case method. If you are new to the method or wish to use the method more skillfully, the Case Teaching Workshop is for you. By using a combination of discussion, theory and practical exercises, the workshop give insight into the dynamics of the case method, as well as suggesting techniques and tools for managing the process in the classroom and analyzing the needs of specific audiences. 

The workshop helps you:
•    select the most suitable case material;
•    decide the right approach for your audience;
•    navigate class discussion; 
•    manage class dynamics.  

Case Writing Workshop
Our Case Writing Workshop teaches you the framework to write your own case quickly, easily and with confidence.

A good case writer can explain a highly technical subject in a non-technical way and engage readers with a vivid story. At the workshop, you have the opportunity to develop your case with professional guidance while learning the art and science of case writing. 

You will be coached in: 
•    case writing techniques;
•    interviewing and desk research techniques; 
•    finding the ‘hook’ for your case; 
•    writing the opening section; 
•    structuring the case; 
•    outlining the teaching note; 
•    making an action plan to complete the case; 
•    arranging case release. 

CDC cases – distributed by Ivey Publishing, Harvard Business Publishing, SAGE Publishing, and the Case Centre (former European Case Clearing House) – are used by universities and business organisations worldwide. Some of our cases have won international prizes and appeared as articles in the Financial Times and Harvard Business Review. We will draw on our experience and knowledge and help you develop cases that you can be proud of.

We give workshops several times a year. If you are interested, you can always contact us via, and we can inform you about the upcoming workshops.