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Become familiar with recent insights and developments

The foundation courses are an excellent opportunity to broaden your knowledge of corporate communication. You will acquire an in-depth view of cutting-edge theories, frameworks and tools about organisational identity, corporate branding, reputation management, and strategic communication. Gain the right mix of competencies and leadership skills to manage your organisation’s reputation, and advise CEOs and other leaders on dealing with stakeholders and strategic issues.

The foundation courses take place over four or five days in January and in June every year.


I really enjoyed the Foundation Course in Corporate Communication thanks to the highly qualified professors and spokespersons of international organisations which operate in complex environments. It was also very inspiring to meet and collaborate with other communication professionals. The programme was intense but we were facilitated in the best possible way. Looking back, I would really recommend the course to those who desire to have a comprehensive overview of academic and practical thinking in corporate communications.

Laurens Ohlenroth, Communications Manager at NS