Practical information

At RSM Executive Education we consider management education an instrument of positive change to the world. Using our solid academic roots we provide people and their organisations with meaning and proficiency to develop themselves in pursuit of their objectives.

For general terms and conditions

Please be advised of that our general terms and conditions apply to the relationship between Rotterdam School of Management, Executive Education, Open Programmes and participants and/or commissioning parties. Please click here to view RSM Executive Education’s general terms and conditions in English.

For feedback, complaints or other questions

Executive Education does its utmost to satisfy any expectations you may reasonably have as a participant in one of our programmes. Should you nevertheless feel dissatisfied about a specific issue, we kindly redirect you to our complaints procedure. Our team takes any complaints you might have very seriously. Please click here to view the complaints procedure. To read in Dutch, click here.

Do you have feedback or any other question, please email this to us via