RSM offers a vibrant, cosmopolitan, and culturally diverse student life. Here, you'll have the opportunity to engage in a wide range of activities within RSM and throughout Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR). These activities span from concerts and sporting events to prestigious professional conferences that draw influential figures from internationals industry.

Enriching your learning at RSM

A master's degree from RSM gives you the tools to succeed in your career and be in demand by employers. RSM's curriculum not only fosters creative thinking and leverages your unique mindset but also offers a vibrant student life. Depending on your chosen program, you will have various opportunities to customize your studies, such as:

Engaging in an internship

Participating in an international exchange programme

Collaborating on consulting projects with companies or public sector organizations

Joining a participatory committee

Getting involved: student organisations

As part of the student experience, alongside your studies there are numerous opportunities to actively participate and integrate into the RSM and EUR community. Many students choose to join study and/or student associations to connect with peers, engage in social gatherings, build valuable networks with potential employers, and apply their classroom knowledge in real-world scenarios. 

Being a part of these diverse associations not only enriches the overall RSM experience, both socially and professionally but also enhances your CV with valuable credentials.

Study associations

Study associations serve as a vital link between theory and real-world practice, offering engaging activities tailored to your field of study. At RSM, our renowned study association, STAR, stands as Europe's largest study association. STAR not only offers academic assistance but also fosters your professional growth through training and competitions. Additionally, STAR aids in kickstarting your career by organizing recruitment events with leading companies.

STAR presents students with exclusive chances to transform their innovative ideas into tangible business ventures, showcased through events like STAR Management Week and STAR's Case Club, which has secured victories in five international case competitions.

Student associations

Student associations offer socialising and networking opportunities. They bring together students from diverse programs and backgrounds, and are often active in the community. Check out a selection below – there's much more to explore!

Positive change from people of RSM

To showcase the student experience, over the years we've gathered inspiring success stories of individuals associated with RSM, whether they were students, part of our extensive alumni network of 45,000 worldwide, or collaborating with RSM.

Edward Hoogendoorn

Founder, Fuusje

Alumnus Edward Hoogendoorn (MSc Strategic Entrepreneurship, 2020) has found a way to make hospital stays for children less unfamiliar and scary and bring them a little joy. In 2017, Edward came up with the idea to create kid-friendly covers for intravenous (IV) infusion bags that could be used for children in hospital. 

Dolly Vellanki

MSc Global Business & Sustainability

Dolly Vellanki discovered there was a lot of theoretical knowledge about sustainability taught in the classroom, but she missed its practical application. As a member of the Erasmus Sustainability Hub board, she can now use her experience of high tech business and her passion for sustainability to motivate more people to make a difference.

Pim Rensen, Nick Kiran, & Philip Groeneveld

MScBA Parttime Master in Management (Dutch)

During a course project, this group of students collaborated with a café business, the Heilige Boontjes (‘holy beans’), which helps employ young people with a difficult or criminal backgrounds. They offered business advice that succeeded in helping Heilige Boontjes realise and increase its impact.

Living in Rotterdam

Rotterdam has a lot to offer students studying at RSM. It is a metropolitan city, a true melting pot with approximately 170 nationalities among its 600,000 inhabitants. In such a diverse setting there are many artsculturalmusical and entertainment events to participate in.

Rotterdam is also a major hub of international trade because it is home to Europe's largest commercial port. Many multinational companies, who specialise in a vareity of fields from supply chain managemet to finance, have their headquarters here which makes it a great city for business students. Find out more about life in the city of Rotterdam.

RSM is located on EUR's Woudestein campus, approximately a 15-20 minute bike ride from the city center. The Woudestein campus is shared with six other EUR schools, offering a self-contained environment with food courts, a grocery store, bike repair services, and even a hairdresser. All students have access to campus facilities like the library and sports center, including tennis courts.

More information

Master Study Clubs

The STAR Master Study Clubs will organise a variety of social, academic and career events for all the master students and aims to bridge the gap between the students, the department and relevant companies

CEMS Club Rotterdam

CEMS Club Rotterdam (CCR) is RSM's local student organization, part of the global CEMS network. As a highly engaged group, CCR boasts a seven-member board and five committees, involving about half of Rotterdam's CEMS students each semester. This dynamic participation leads to an array of exceptional events and projects.

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