Dipen Shah

Nationality: Dutch 
Job title: head of protein sciences at ZoBio BV 
Previous degree: PhD in chemistry, Leiden University 


1. Why did you decide to do an MBA?  

“My parents never forced me to study. This no-pressure environment gave me time and space to figure out what I wanted. I studied science and biology. Working in the biotech industry for more than 10 years, I became curious about how things work in a business setting. The MBA will help me understand this better. RSM has a reputation of being the best in the Benelux region, and I wanted an in-person and flexible MBA. I also had a great experience with one of RSM’s diploma programmes in 2015.” 


2. What expectations did you have studying for your Global Executive MBA in a world in motion?  

“I want to be ready for any potential challenge. We lack a global context of why things happen and how business works. Then we know what to do when we face changes. I’m now able to generalise concepts of what I’ve learned and apply them to specific situations at work, in various domains. It gives us different points of view. If you can do that, then you’re ready to face new challenges.” 


3. How would you describe your RSM MBA experience so far? 

“It’s vibrant and energising. I’m excited every time I go to RSM. The great faculty and diverse cohort lead to sparkling conversations when we study and interact. Afterwards, I digest it and see what I can apply for myself – at work and personally. You learn applicable knowledge and skills, for example how you communicate with people effectively.”  


4. What has been the most challenging assignment or course during the GEMBA so far?  

“Marketing was one of the interesting modules. There are so many eye-opening aspects that I never considered before. I like this. It broadens my horizon. Many subjects turn out to be outside of my comfort zone and it’s really exciting to see how I can apply them at work and personal life.” 


5. What impact does the Strategic Leadership Development component of the programme (SLD) have on you? 

“You always have blind spots that you’re not aware of. This module helped me to find them, and what I can do to improve them. You get multi-level feedback from assignments, the faculty and from the team. Communication was always something I wanted to improve on. Incorporating the given feedback, I am now more engaged with the audience and I pay special attention from an EQ point of view. I implement this now and sense the atmosphere before I act.”  


6. Has your MBA journey changed your outlook on what your career will be like? 

“It has made me more confident about myself and my ability to collect knowledge about what’s happening in the world. These concepts will definitely help me in my future career growth. I’d like a more active role on the business side of an organisation. I want to know if there’s a better way to do things in the business world. The MBA helps to take these steps with confidence.”  


7. What advice could you give to people who are considering doing a Global Executive MBA? 

“You can explore all the details of all the MBAs in the world. But what matters is whether you want to learn new things and apply them within the right context. Rather than asking why you do want to do it, ask yourself ‘Why not?’. It’s a big commitment financially and timewise, but I can’t think of reasons not to do it. It offers you much more than what you expect.”