Design Thinking

Design Thinking

In RSM’s six-week online programme Design Thinking you will learn methodology and tools to develop new ideas through customer insights. This facilitated programme will help you to shift your mindset and to embrace a radically different approach to new product and service development. Each module will be one week long, and you will be guided by faculty checking in regularly to support you in your learning journey. 

Learn to fail fast to avoid failing big

Writing a long and detailed business case can take a lot of your time and resources and become obsolete by the time it’s finalised. How can you make sure to approach innovation in a more flexible and agile way? The RSM Design Thinking online programme provides participants with a methodology and tools to develop new ideas through customer insights. During six weeks, our faculty Dr Dirk Deichmann invites you to shift mindset and to embrace a radically different approach to new product and service development. 

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6-week programme

6 online modules

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Learning objectives

After this programme, you will be able to: 

  • make innovation happen in your organisation through design thinking 

  • challenge your assumptions by using design thinking tools and techniques 

  • facilitate the design thinking process in your team or organisation 

  • connect and empathise with your customers to generate insights into their unmet needs and desires 

  • prototype various concepts to gain rapid feedback and be able to iterate your ideas. 

Why you should join this programme

  • Shift your mindset to approach innovation in a more customer-centric way 

  • Access to resources online from anywhere, at any time 

  • Access to RSM’s world-class academic research and expertise 

  • Learn from the experiences of your peers and extend your professional network