Journey Rules and Regulations

Journey Rules and Regulations

The I WILL Journey is about asking people to put their I WILL statement into action. Six Champions will be chosen who have, according to the I WILL Journey Taskforce, best demonstrated their efforts and have recorded good results by making their I WILL statement come true.

  • You can apply for one of the six I WILL Journey prizes if you are in one of these six categories:

    • An RSM bachelor student; or
    • And RSM pre-master, master or PhD student, or
    • An RSM MBA student or Executive Education participant, or
    • An RSM alumnus who has completed one of the educational courses above, or
    • A member of RSM/ RSM BV staff or faculty, or
    • A member of the wider RSM community (for example: one of RSM’s corporate relations, or a member of one of RSM’s advisory bodies).

    Members of the I WILL Embassy and the I WILL Journey organisation, including RSM employees in the Corporate Marketing and Communications department, and contacts at partner organisations that offer benefits during and after the I WILL Journey are excluded from participating in the I WILL Journey.

    Entrance to the I WILL Journey is permitted only for individuals in their own names. Every entrant must guarantee that all information provided is correct and up-to-date.

    The information in your application to the I WILL Journey should comply with Erasmus University Rotterdam’s code of integrity, which can be found here.

  • Entrants should complete the online application form published on the I WILL website. Entrants can save their incomplete online application and revisit the form to complete it later between November 3, 2021 and the submission deadline on March 13, 2022. The application must be accompanied by the applicant’s official I WILL black and white photo with their I WILL statement issued by RSM after an I WILL photoshoot.

    All applications must be submitted through the official online form. Only entries submitted and received before or on March 13, 2022 will be judged.

    The six people selected as Champions will be informed on March 31, 2022 by email. The Champions’ names will also be announced on RSM’s social media channels.

    • The benefit packages will not be granted if the quality of entries do not meet the requirements as set out in the appendix.
    • You can only participate with your most recent I WILL photo. The I WILL statement you use in your I WILL Journey should be the one that is also on your I WILL photo.
    • Prizes cannot be shared. The chosen entrants will win the benefit package and all further communications with RSM’s Corporate Marketing and Communications Department will be with the entrants.
  • During the I WILL Journey

    I WILL offers benefits to participants throughout their I WILL Journeys, from November 2021 to March 2022, to help them achieve their goals. More information will be published on the I WILL Journey webpage.

    After the Journey: Benefit packages for the six selected Champions

    The six applicants announced as Champions will be awarded a benefit package that can include mentoring, training, publicity, and entrance to RSM events. The exact contents of the benefit package will be based on what each Champion needs to further execute activities related to their I WILL statement, and on the budget and further resources that RSM has allocated for supporting the Champions.
    The six Champions will be invited to meet RSM’s Corporate Marketing and Communications department to determine the content of their respective benefit packages.  RSM will make an offer of benefits that each champion can accept or reject, after which there will be no negotiation of benefits packages.

  • Choosing the six Champions is the sole decision of the I WILL Journey Taskforce, which comprises a delegation of the I WILL Embassy, the governing body of the I WILL Community. The Taskforce’s decision is final and there is no appeal possible. The Taskforce will make its final decision in a three-step process:

    1. The Taskforce will read all the applications and select up to three of the best applications for each of the six categories of participants as described under ‘Entrants’.
    2. The shortlist of maximum 18 applications will be sent to the I WILL Embassy, which will be asked to give its advice on choosing one application per each of the six categories.
    3. The Taskforce will then determine the top application for each of the six categories. These will be announced and will be called the I WILL Journey Champions.

    Selection is based on criteria derived from the priorities of the Taskforce and agreed by all Embassy members. These selection criteria are listed below.

    The I WILL Embassy and the I WILL Journey Taskforce will treat all applications with the utmost care; only people who are directly involved in the selection process will have access to the applicant’s answers.

    Information about participants, the winning applications, and references to them can be used by RSM for marketing and communication purposes. This will include but is not limited to information about the applicant as a person, their I WILL statement and accompanying I WILL photo, and the initial application to this challenge, as well as the Taskforce’s comments about their application.

  • RSM’s mission is to be a force for positive change in the world by being critical, creative, caring and collaborative. When selecting I WILL Journey  Champions, the Taskforce will base their decision on the following criteria:

    • The I WILL Journey Taskforce recognises entrants whose applications are proof of action, and can result in an I WILL statement being put into practice.
    • There is one I WILL Journey benefits package for each of the six Champions, one in each of the above-mentioned categories, whose I WILL statement and its implementation proves willpower and goal-oriented thinking.  
    • I WILL Journey entrants can demonstrate measurable indicators of success towards the implementation of their I WILL statement.
    • I WILL Journey entrants have I WILL statements that have a tangible impact on the world around them – be it in their personal life, in academia, business, media, sports, or public services.
    • I WILL Journey entrants can clearly convey the ways in which they worked towards achieving the goals set out by their I WILL statement.


    Origin of the selection criteria

    The Taskforce will look for an I WILL Journey application that:

    1. Clearly demonstrates determination and a pursuit of excellence.
    2. Creates a tangible and positive impact in the person’s individual life, in society, or in a community.
    3. Shows the themes of I WILL: compassion, teamwork, innovation, proactivity, professionalism, idealism, and ambition.
    4. Clearly outlines the steps taken in putting their I WILL statement into practice and the results per step.
    5. Indicates why the applicant’s I WILL statement is meaningful, both to them and to society.