Meet the I WILL Embassy


The I WILL Embassy has 9 ambassadors who meet every two months to discuss the strategy and activities of I WILL. They make sure the spirit of I WILL is kept alive within RSM and is integrated in everything RSM does. Ambassadors are chosen because of their professional function and their drive. They could have an academic connection to I WILL – such as Programme Management – or some social or faculty related connection, such as through STAR or RSM’s Alumni and the Corporate Communications and Marketing teams.

For more information about I WILL and its activities, or if you wish to submit ideas of your own to the I WILL Embassy, please contact, or have a look on our Facebook page. We look forward to hearing from you! 

The I WILL Embassy Members are, as of 1 May 2017:

  • Eva Duin,  Chairman STAR
  • Jaap-Jan van Hamburg, Programme Manager International Full-time MBA
  • Johan Hofstra,  Chairman I WILL Embassy
  • Vladislav Vershinin,  Marketing Manager CMC
  • Willem Koolhaas, Director CMC
  • Mercedes Roggen, Student Assistant CMC
  • Adri Meijdam,  Executive Director IBA



  • Michaéla Schippers, Professor Technology & Operations Department
  • Juan Maldonado, Alumni Relations Manager 
  • Mirna Steur, Marketing Manager Executive Education
  • Frank van Kerkhof, Project Coordinator Goal-setting
  • Carolien Rijnsburger, Team- and Programme Manager Bachelor Bedrijfskunde
  • Suzanne Reeuwijk, Student Assistant Goal-setting