Camera training

Camera training

Training lecturers' camera skills
Training lecturers' camera skills
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Lots of teachers have started to implement some form of online education through knowledge clips or recorded lectures.

Knowledge transfer through videos does however require a different set of skills teachers have to keep in mind. How do I present myself on camera? How does my body language influence the watchers? What is the proper form of intonation? How do I transform a 3 hour long lecture into small pieces of clips while still keeping students engaged?

Training objectives

Our camera training programme is designed to help teachers who do not have the personal experience yet with presenting in front of a camera or who wish to improve their presenting skills. The training will support you in the process of obtaining the set of skills required to make outstanding and clear video recordings.We like to give sufficient and personalized feedback during and afterwards.

The training has the following goals:

·         Feel comfortable in front of the camera

·         Awareness of the preparations necessary for a recording

·         Familiarity with the procedures of recording a clip in the studio

·         Effectively write a script

The next training

The next camera training is planned before the end of this year. As of right now there are a maximum of 3 spots for the next training.  Interested in participating or do you have any questions? Send a mail to and we will keep in contact.