How long does the programme last? 
18 months minimum to complete the whole programme. 
It depends on your personal schedule & tempo.

Why the modular system? 
We have found that providing a concentrated period of time to purely focus on your studies is more efficient in development and learning than holding class for one day per week. 

How long do the Advanced Elective Courses take? 
Three days of presence for each elective course.

Can this be combined with a full-time job?
Yes, nearly all of our students are working full-time while following the programme. 

Can I take the elective courses separately from the master programme? 
Yes, you can take one or more elective courses with no obligation to follow the complete master programme. It is also possible to apply for the master programme after having taken an elective course separately first.

For whom is the MScCC Programme designed? 
The Part-time MScCC Programme is designed for communication professionals, involved in corporate communication, reputation management, PR and related disciplines.

How large is the class? 
We aim at a class size of approximately 25 participants. We believe it is very important to keep the size of our classes limited. 

How can I apply?  
You can apply with our online application form.

Do I really need three years of working experience to join? 
Yes, this is an executive master programme, therefore participants are required to have a minimum of 3 years of work experience.

Are there scholarship available?
No, there are no scholarships available for students on the MCC programme.

Is there any way to dispense with the formal requirements?  
In very rare circumstances the Study Board may grant a dispensation. Please contact our staff to learn more about this. 

Which title/degree do you receive by completing this programme? 
Master of Science in Corporate Communication (MScCC)