In RSM’s leadership programmes, you will develop the skills you need to motivate, coach and assess people to get them behind your goals and strategies and take action. Bring out the best in yourself and others while developing a broader understanding of your leadership ability through practical leadership skills training, evidence-based insights and professional executive coaching. 

Leadership development at RSM

Excellence in education

RSM leadership programmes are evidence-based, built by true leadership development experts, giving you an immersive experience to elevate your career as a leader.

Renowned faculty

All RSM leadership programmes are led by experts and thought-leaders on the topic. Our world-class academics and specialist leadership coaches will guide you through your learning journey. 

Practical leadership skills

Theory can only take you so far. Our leadership programmes are designed to equip you with new tools, skills and knowledge that you can use immediately, for real impact in your role.

This is about you

Every business challenge is unique. During your leadership course at RSM, you will discuss and explore your particular leadership challenges with your teachers, and get personal coaching from our experts.

Choose one of our leadership courses

Advanced Management and Leadership Programme

Take your leadership capabilities to the next level, sharpen your critical thinking skills, and enhance your impact as a leader in this intensive modular programme for seasoned professionals.

Student in Advanced Management and Leadership Programme

Executive MBA

With a part-time schedule tailored for working professionals, our Executive MBA is the #1 EMBA programme in The Netherlands, delivering an 18-month transformative journey in personal and professional development. Through our curriculum, we nurture leadership qualities and empower participants to achieve tangible results within their organisations.

Beyond HR: People, Culture and Transformation

Develop your HR skills to drive positive changes in organisational culture and elevate your role as an HR leader. Learn to think critically beyond HR, and shape the future of organisational culture by aligning HR practices with your company’s values.

Female RSM student for Beyond HR: People Culture and Transformation

Global Executive MBA

The RSM Global Executive MBA is expertly crafted for senior professionals poised to elevate their leadership prowess and drive organisations forward in the global digital landscape with unprecedented impact. This immersive 21-month journey in leadership development is intricately tailored to your unique needs and aspirations.

The Challenge of Leadership

Expand your leadership repertoire; gain new perspectives, increase your ability as a leader and develop your own way to inspire your people.

Student in The Challenge of Leadership

RSM Diploma Programme in General Management

The fast track if you’re a professional or expert moving into the role of a manager or supervisor for the first time. Acquire techniques and competences to run your team smoothly and effectively. 

Student in General Management

Team Leadership

Learn relevant team leader skills. Your new knowledge and tools to deal effectively with motivational problems, dysfunctional team members, conflicts and lack of a common direction can be applied into your work immediately.

Student in Team Leadership

Women in Leadership

Learn how to make your voice heard, take ownership, develop and understand your network, and gain confidence in being present. Learn how to manage yourself, manage relationships, manage diversity, and manage networks.

Student in Women in Leadership

Essentials of Leadership

Learn new perspectives and techniques to reach your highest personal and professional potentials as a leader, including how to build trust, manage conflict, use positive emotions for successful decision-making, and implement effective time management.

Student in Essentials of Leadership

Leading Change

Learn to understand and diagnose change, lead change, and implement change - by learning more about the change management process.

Student in Leading Change

Urban Innovation Executive Leadership Programme

Discover ways to create successful strategies for digitalisation and innovation for communities, cities and regions. 


Student in Urban Innovation Executive Leadership Programme

Driving business towards the SDGs

Explore the role of business in contributing to a better future for people AND the planet without giving up profits, by using the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a framework for addressing these massive global problems.

Student in Driving business towards the SDGs

Port Executive Leadership Circle

This Port allows you: an executive from a port authority, port stakeholders or a captain of industry, to be part of an ongoing cycle of learning journeys, while enabling you to partner with other ports in a growing international network of port executives.

Students in Port Executive Leadership Circle

Stories of leadership development at RSM

Ivin Mauricio

Head of Customer Care Netherlands & Sweden at CWS, completed the Advanced Management and Leadership Programme

"Leadership is a conversation and by truly listening and going through the change process rigorously you will have the greatest chance of successfully leading change. All of us – the professors and students – made sure we fostered a safe environment in which we could dig deep, learn, and grow together. After each module I left invigorated and confident with what I had learned and experienced.”

Young male participant of a leadership course at RSM

Sweta Hassani

Product owner at Rabobank, Executive MBA Class of 2024

“The Personal Leadership Development component of the Executive MBA programme helped me figure out my qualities. You write your heart out even on topics which you haven’t shared with anyone, things get untangled, and your mind clear up. You really see how you can emerge as a leader. Everyone should write a life journey in their life to get a feel of it.”

Jolanda Landman

Regiomanager at ArboNed, completed the Advanced Management and Leadership Programme

“A great learning experience! The programme combined new theoretical support and tools with discussions with like-minded professionals. I liked the different approaches within each module, the varied faculty and the focus on three core areas: leadership, finance and strategy. The modular flexibility suited me and it was good to network. Also, RSM’s reputation is appealing and delivered its promise. I’m certain that this will help me in my current role and support my development in the future.”

Female participant of a leadership course at RSM

Alex Lucouw

Scrum Master at Wärtsilä, Global Executive MBA Class of 2025

“The course requires lot of reflection and introspection into yourself to find your strengths and weaknesses. I’ve had to peel the layers and figure out what I’m good in, what I can improve, and what my value proposition is in a leadership team. There’s also a part that about accepting yourself and your shortcomings. We often think that leaders are infallible superhumans that don’t make mistakes. But in this international cohort you mingle with people in different leadership positions and walks of life. They’re all human, just like you. And we have all shortcomings. We have to learn to accept that.”

Peter Schonefeld

Senior Director at CLAAS KGaA mbH, completed RSM's The Challenge of Leadership programme

“I learned to listen to my peers and interact with them more strongly than I had before. Understanding this leverage has increased the possibilities of developing my organisation further – and in a smarter way – than in the past. Understanding my impact, my power to influence, and the way I behave to consciously drive human developments and corporate developments is the biggest insight from the programme. I use this at work every day."

Male participant of a leadership course at RSM

Rohini Persad-Bhaggoe

Marketing Manager at REISinformatiegroep|9292, completed RSM's Team Leadership programme

“As a first-time manager I wanted to learn how to create a strong and efficient team, and empower team members to grow, develop themselves and work confidently. RSM really exceeded my expectations. The professors did a really good job balancing theory with practice, and I learned a lot from the other participants’ diverse experiences and backgrounds.”

Young female participant of an RSM leadership programme
RSM leadership expert delivering in-company training

RSM - a force for positive change

Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM) is one of Europe’s top-ranked business schools. RSM provides ground-breaking research and education furthering excellence in all aspects of management and is based in the international port city of Rotterdam – a vital nexus of business, logistics and trade. RSM’s primary focus is on developing business leaders with international careers who can become a force for positive change by carrying their innovative mindset into a sustainable future. Our first-class range of bachelor, master, MBA, PhD and executive programmes encourage them to become critical, creative, caring and collaborative thinkers and doers.