Our scientific staffs publish the findings of research projects on a regular basis. Next to academic and professional articles, our members publish their research results in books, book chapters, conference proceedings, working papers, magazines and many other types of publications. A selection of books and top journals is listed below.


Cees B.M. van Riel
"Identiteit en imago"

Cees B.M. van Riel and Charles J. Fombrun
"Essentials of Corporate Communication"



The selection contains a list of the most recent top academic studies published in the best journals in the field of research in management.

Identity Expressions 

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Corporate Branding 

  • Berens, G.A.J.M., Riel, C.B.M. van & Rekom, J. van (2007). The CSR-Quality Trade-off: When Can Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Ability Compensate Each Other? Journal of Business Ethics, 74(3), 233-252. 
  • Berens, G.A.J.M., Riel, C.B.M. van & Bruggen, G.H. van (2005). Corporate Associations and Consumer Product Responses: The Moderating Role of Corporate Brand Dominance. Journal of Marketing, 69(3), 35-48. 

Employee Alignment 

  • Riel, C.B.M. van, Berens, G.A.J.M. & Dijkstra, M. (2009). Stimulating strategically aligned behaviour among employees. Journal of Management Studies, 46(7), 1197-1226. 
  • Riel, C.B.M. van (2008). Creating a Strategically Aligned Workforce. Corporate Reputation Review, 11, 351-360. 

Investor Relations 

  • Gertsen, F., Riel, C.B.M. van & Berens, G.A.J.M. (2006). Avoiding Reputation Damage in Financial Statement Restatements. Long Range Planning, 39(4), 429-456. 

Issues Management & Crisis Communication 

  • Heugens, P.P.M.A.R., Riel, C.B.M. van & Van Den Bosch, Frans, A.J. (2004). Reputation Management Capabilities as Decision Rules. Journal of Management Studies, 41(8), 1349-1377. 

Organizational Identity & Identification 

  • Rekom, J. van, Riel, C.B.M. van & Wierenga, B. (2006). A Methodology for Assessing Organizational Core Values. Journal of Management Studies, 43(2), 175-201. 
  • Smidts, A., Pruyn, A.Th.H. & Riel, C.B.M. van (2001). The impact of employee communication and perceived external prestige on organizational identification. Academy of Management Journal, 44(5), 1051-1062. 

Reputation Research 

  • Eccles, Robert G., Grant, Robert M. and Van Riel, Cees B.M. (2006) " Reputation and Transparency: Lessons from a Painful Period in Public Disclosure", Long Range Planning, 39 (4): 353-359. 
  • Fombrun, C., & Riel, C.B.M. van (2004). Managing Your Company's Most Valuable Asset: Its Reputation. CRITICAL EYE, sep-oct, 71-74.