RSM’s department of Finance is dynamic and international. "We are a meeting place for ambitious academics and dedicated educators in the field of corporate finance and investments," says Marno Verbeek, Department Chair. "As a group we collectively manage one of the School's largest master programmes, engage in top quality research, and organise high-quality specialised conferences."

A circle of experts

RSM Finance is part of the Erasmus Finance Group, which includes faculty from the Erasmus School of Economics (ESE) at Erasmus University Rotterdam. "We address a wide variety of areas – research into corporate finance, the predictability of stock returns, asset management, sustainable finance, credit risk, financial innovation, FinTech, entrepreneurial finance and corporate governance, among others," says Professor Verbeek. "Our research and education focus on positive change that enables people and organisations to thrive. We co-operate with the industry on topics such as sustainable finance and climate risk, and we share our latest research with each other during our lunchtime Brown Bag Seminars – it's inspiring to work as a community of finance."

Weekly seminars

"The Erasmus Finance Group has an outstanding weekly seminar series that can compete with those from the best business schools in the world," says Professor Verbeek. Such speakers as Daron Acemoglu (MIT), Harrison Hong (Princeton), Maureen O’Hara (Cornell), and Lucian Taylor (Wharton School of Business) present each week to an audience that includes faculty and PhD researchers.

Annual conferences 

The group also organises highly visible academic conferences each year, including the Professional Asset Management and Erasmus Liquidity series, which feature renowned international keynote speakers. "As a group, RSM Finance is proud of the quality of our research, our programmes, and the renowned finance scholars who like to visit, teach and learn with us," says Professor Verbeek.