Technology and Operations Management

Technology and Operations Management

Eric van Heck

Technology & Operations Management deals with the effective management of developing, producing and delivering products and services. The department’s engaged scholars develop scientific knowledge and train students to become reflective practitioners who can successfully manage and design supply chains, information systems and innovation processes. In doing so, we combine scientific ambition and rigour with practical relevance, both in research and in teaching.

This department is equipped to address the three specialist disciplines of Supply Chain Management (SCM), Business Information Management (BIM), and Innovation Management (IM).

Department Chairman: Professor Eric van Heck

Supply Chain Management

Professor Rene de Koster, Section Head SCM

Logistics and Supply Chain Management (SCM) focuses on the effective and efficient management of the flow of goods and services. Successful SCM is a key contributor to a firm’s overall competitiveness. Our research and teaching focuses on transportation, sourcing strategies, facility logistics, optimisation, inter-firm relationship management, behavioural operations, and sustainability. Read more.

Section Leader SCM: Professor René de Koster

Business Information Management

Business Information Management (BIM) explores the usage and impact of information and information systems as a strategic asset for customers, firms, supply chains, business networks, and markets. The opportunities presented by new information technologies such as social media, mobile platforms, cloud computing, and business analytics are investigated. Read more.

Section Leader BIM: Professor Wolf Ketter

Innovation Management

Professor Jan van den Ende, Section Head IM

Innovation Management (IM) investigates how organisations successfully create innovations. A successful innovation involves all the actions needed to generate innovative ideas and turn them into attractive new products, services, and business models. Focal areas of research and teaching are idea management, innovation project management, sustainable innovation, standardisation, and innovation strategies. Read more.

Section Leader IM: Professor Jan van den Ende