Life on land

40% of the world population suffers from land degradation. We need urgent action to protect biodiversity and land productivity, and limit the loss of species. Since 2000 we have increased protection for forests and terrestrial ecosystems but more is needed, especially because biodiversity loss is an irreversible process. How can we scale up our efforts to sustainably manage life on land?

Malu Boerwinkel (MSc Global Business and Sustainability 2019) points out that because plants contribute to 80 per cent of the human diet, protecting the capacity to grow food is crucial for human survival. So what needs to change?

Shared resources aren’t working. There’s too much self-interest for the common good of all users, explains Dr Frank Wijen of RSM. It has consequences for the shared natural environment. How can product certifications help?

Marcello Palazzi is global ambassador for the B Corp movement. His organisation brings together more than 10,000 corporations around the world to make purpose and profit work together for the benefit of people and planet. Here, he explains the strategy and relevance of the B Corp movement to SDG 15.

RSM intends to incorporate these videos, complemented with assignments and teaching cases, as learning modules into its programmes.

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