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In our education we are using teaching cases, assignments and videos to highlight the issues as well as the business challenges posed by the SDGs, and confront students with the complexities of working with the SDGs. Here we share these materials per SDG, showcasing material that is most directly relevant.

Oceans and seas comprise the largest ecosystem on Earth. But sea temperatures are rising, and marine populations suffer from overfishing, growing ocean acidification and worsening coastal wildlife. Most visible is the pollution from plastics and micro plastics in particular. As a result, we are seeing alarming drops in the biodiversity of the world’s marine ecosystems.

Therefore, it’s imperative that we conserve and use oceans and seas sustainably; this is the focus of SDG 14 Life below water.

Marine life is usually the last thing on our minds as we go about our workdays.

Mallory Flowers - Academic researcher in the department of strategic management and entrepreneurship at RSM

SDG 14: Explaining life below water

Emanuele Canino is a student in RSM’s MSc Management of Innovation. He stresses the crucial role of businesses, thanks to new business models and modes of production, in mitigating the increasing pressures of climate change, irresponsible shipping activities and misuse of resources such as disposable plastics.

SDG 14: Academic insights into life below water

Dr Mallory Flowers is an academic researcher in the department of strategic management and entrepreneurship at RSM. She explains how individuals and companies affect ocean life through externalities, and how to mitigate these externalities.

SDG 14: A business case about life below water

Brenda de Swart is head of sustainability at Rabobank Chile and Cristina Torres is marine program manager for WWF Chile. Together, they describe how WWF and Rabobank contribute to SDG 14 Life below water using the WWF-Rabobank partnership for sustainable salmon production in Chile.

Why is SDG 14 important to you?

Want to start applying your knowledge? Here are easy tips related to SDG 1:

  • Instead of birthday presents, offer to give money to a charity of their choice.
  • Teach a skill or short course at a community center (e.g. computer skills, building a resume, preparing for a job interview).
  • Learn the causes of poverty at home and abroad.

Want to do more? Here are the Good Life Goals.

RSM has developed a case series addressing the Sustainable development goals, which contains at least one case that specifically touches upon one of the 17 SDGs.

Cases with a primary focus on SDG 1:

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