The nongovernmental organization Commonland was founded in 2013 with the mission to turn degraded landscapes into thriving ecosystems and communities.

Figure 1. Commonland's vision, mission, goal and focus area

Commonland was established through a joint effort of three organizations: The Commission on Ecosystem Management at the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM), and the COmON Foundation.

The way Commonland works is supporting farmers’ initiatives and co-establishing companies with local stakeholders. Together with its regional partners, Commonland has initiated four large projects around the world by 2019: Baviaanskloof-Langkloof in South Africa (550,000 ha); Altiplano Estepario in Andalusia, Spain (1,000,000 ha); the Western Australian Wheatbelt in Australia (300,000 ha); and the Western Peat Meadows in The Netherlands (125,000 ha).

Through partnering with third parties, Commonland also shares its lessons with those who wish to implement long-term local restoration projects and scale them globally. In 2018, Commonland engaged in partnerships in seven countries apart from the Netherlands, including Haiti, Colombia, Egypt, Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania, and Congo.

Figure 2. The role of Commonland