Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University resides in the centre of a network that links us to every aspect of global business. Our corporate partners have sponsored research chairs or research centres at the School, have worked with us on scholarships for our students and have even sponsored our MSc Honours Class. All in all, we work together with more than six hundred national and international companies on a yearly basis.

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Reducing the distance between the academic and business worlds

We are committed to developing partnerships with companies with the joint aim of creating and acquiring new talents and enhanced knowledge within the fields of research and education., thus allowing both parties to operate more effectively within their own field.

Our history

A rich history of collaboration with businesses from around the world.

Our research

Helping to drive global business forward in thought and method.

Our alumni

Business leaders remaining loyal and supportive of RSM. Our greatest resources.

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Business Analytics Management partnership

Boost your organisation's business analytics by offering a thesis internship

Data hold a strategic challenge for just about every organisation. So how can you unlock their potential to create value for your company? Highly innovative students with business analytics skills are ready to tackle your organisation's analytics, statistics and machine learning issues. They're from the multidisciplinary MSc Business Analytics & Management (BAM) programme at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM).

Why host an internship

Hosting an internship means you have access to students with state-of-the-art business analytics knowledge and skills, supported through academic supervision by faculty members of one of Europe’s premier business schools. This combination provides you with a unique opportunity to tackle an advanced analytics problem in your organisation. It also gives you access to a pool of highly talented potential employees.

In-company research and practice

Students are stimulated to write their master thesis in combination with their internship. This means their research will be done at your company. You can use their findings to improve your business analytics strategy. The thesis trajectory runs from 1 February to 15 June, which is their thesis deadline. During this period, students have 504 hours to work on their thesis and internship. For more specific information regarding what makes a project suitable, please click here.

Are you interested?

Are you interested in boosting your company with fresh knowledge and skills? Then please send an email via that describes your organisation, your analytics challenges, a contact person and how students can apply for an internship before 30 September 2021 (but the earlier the better). After reviewing your internship, we will post it on our intranet for all BAM students to see and apply. We look forward to receiving your internship(s) as soon as possible - our students are keen to work for you. 

CEMS corporate partnership

The CEMS Global Alliance is a group of prestigious business schools, and around 71 multinationals and NGOs around the world. From its Pan-European beginnings in 1988 the CEMS alliance has grown to become a truly global organisation. Approved by the CEMS Executive Board in 2007, the current globalisation strategy has brought the CEMS MIM to Asia, Australasia, and North and South America.  It has created an elite and global master programme that recruits only the most internationally minded and talented students. RSM is one of these 33 top-ranked CEMS business schools, and offers the unique CEMS Master in International Management programme, which was ranked sixth in the Financial Times’ 2019 Global Masters in Management ranking.  

An official CEMS partnership with RSM is valuable and rewarding. RSM’s CEMS partners are usually organisations based in the Netherlands that operate internationally. The exclusive academic-corporate partnership between your organisation and RSM offers a wide range of benefits, including:

  • recruitment of top talent with a global mindset from a top-ranked MSc in management programme
  • employer branding across 33 top business schools
  • business projects and internships with CEMS students as part of their education, during which you can also enhance your visibility and image.
  • sharing knowledge and network with leading business schools, multinationals, and NGOs.

Partnering with CEMS through RSM will offer you a close relationship with the educational world, meanwhile acting as a gateway to 33 other top business schools with global potential.  

Every year, selected CEMS teams are involved in real life challenges at KONE Netherlands. We like the CEMS approach because the students give us a fresh look on the challenge we face, and come up with realistic and useable solutions. The solutions the CEMS teams designed in the last two years were related to customer complaint handling as well as customer retention, and were actually implemented in our organisation. In both cases the solutions contained enough material to help us improve these new processes further. - Edwin Wammes, Director Maintenance at KONE

F&I Honours partnerships

Recruit the top Finance students of RSM

Smart and talented Finance students will be within a hand reach, when your organisation partners with the Finance & Investments Honours Programme. The Finance & Investments (FI) programme is a master specialisation at the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University and for its Honours programme only the brightest and most motivated Finance students are selected. The Honours programme is an addition to the general Finance master curriculum and runs from February till July. Its curriculum consists of interactive courses including lectures, case studies, and a living management case.

An official partnership has mutual benefits including:

  • Direct access to highly motivated and smart FI students that want to go the extra mile. Ideal for recruiting the brightest students.
  • Access to new insights and knowledge through the living management case. With this group assignment, you can work with a team of FI Honours students on a business problem of your own organisation.

Student selection

The FI Honours students are selected based on their CV, motivation and performance in the first block of the FI master. The maximum capacity of the programme is 50 students.

Become a partner

For more information about becoming a FI Honours partner, please contact Prof. Dirk Schoenmaker,

Supply Chain Management partnerships

Engage with our students

In RSM’s highly ranked MSc program on Supply Chain Management, we train our students to analyze, design and improve today’s Supply Chains. This involves applying state-of-the-art supply chain theories and methods to real-world supply chains. As such, we like to interact with practical stakeholders in the field. Company engagements can help foster an environment that benefits all parties involved.  As a company you can:

1. Interact with young ambitious students that can provide fresh ideas and perspectives.

2. Share valuable practical insights to our students about current opportunities and practical challenges and expand the visibility of your company to our students.

We offer different engagement opportunities: honours consultancy project, thesis internships, company visits and guest lecture opportunities.

Honours consultancy project

The Hounours consultancy project runs from February to July in parallel with elective courses and the thesis project. During this project, the selected students will work in teams (3-4) on a real-life supply chain challenge and develop research-informed, practical solutions. By formulating a challenge, your organization can benefit from fresh perspectives from a team of Honours students. Only the most motivated and high achieving students are selected for the Honours project. To participate as a company, we ask a contribution of 1.000 Euros to cover some of the additional expenses of this extracurricular activity.

Thesis internships

As part of the program, students write an individual thesis between February and June. Many students choose to do so in the form of a ‘problem-solving’ internship with companies, public authorities, or other organizations. These internships offer great opportunities for hosting organizations to address important and complex management problems, and to identify and help develop young talent. To help match students and companies, we invite companies to send us their research project proposals. We will check if the research problem is suitable for a thesis project and post them on our intranet for all SCM students to see and apply. For more specific information regarding what makes a project suitable, please click here. Moreover, with sufficient company interest, we will organize a thesis internship fair on campus.

Company visits and guest lectures

As part of the kick-activity and throughout the year, we organize company visits and guest lectures in relevant supply chain management areas. For the company visits, we especially value locations where students can see physical supply chain processes in action, e.g., warehouse, terminal, factory.  

Interested in joining one of our engagement opportunities?

For more information about engaging with our supply chain management students, please contact Sabine Ockhuijsen, coordinator of the MSc in Supply Chain Management.

Erasmus Centre for Data Management (ECDA) Corporate Partnership

Data analytics partnership
Are you keen to drive growth through technology and leadership? Do you want to renew your business model, and are you ready to invest in future perspectives for your company’s industry? Do you want to attract highly talented young professionals, and connect with a top business school?

Access to knowledge to improve performance
An official partnership with the Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics (ECDA) is valuable and rewarding. The exclusive academic-corporate partnership means your organisation has privileged access to young professionals with a keen interest in the intersection of business and technology. You can benefit in many ways:

  • connect with hundreds of MSc students and recruit top talent by posting your vacancies on the RSM Career Portal.
  • present your company to our students. Give a guest lecture about an academically relevant subject to our bachelor or master students.
  • in-company workshops. Lunch lectures, workshops, business cases or follow up with interviews. We’ll take care of promotion, venue, logistics and catering and ask for student CVs on registration. Access to student data is subject to GDPR.
  • working alongside a top research group
  • employer branding through career events and visibility in communication to our MSc students

RSM’s students and graduates are internationally mobile and have a can-do attitude for taking action with their outstanding problem-solving abilities, innovative ideas, and analytical skills.

Expert advice, research and education
At the Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics, we design digital experiments that analyse everything from digital business, marketing and supply chain analytics, auditing, accounting and control to fintech, and smart cities. We explore how digital technologies work with people and in communities.

Through long-term strategic collaborations with partners – in business and in the academic world – we can work together to enhance data knowledge. We offer expert advice, data science  experiences and new hands-on skills to master data leadership through our courses, programmes and research projects to discover new knowledge that benefit the society at large.

Your organisation can benefit from a partnership with the Centre where MSc students or PhD candidates combine their expertise. You can have direct access to the knowledge and skills of students, who focus on:

  • managing information as a strategic resource to improve business performance
  • finding the business potential in innovative information technologies
  • the usage and impact of data and marketing analytics as a strategic asset for customers, firms, supply chains, business networks, and markets.

Becoming a partner
We have various partnership offerings. We can also develop a customised package. There are also several ways to extend the level of interaction with our faculty members by engaging in a research partnership.

Find out more about becoming an RSM  Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics corporate partner and learn what the benefits are for your organisation by contacting Dr Marcel van Oosterhout via

Share wealth

Leading organisations recognise the importance of investing in talents and research. By partnering with RSM your organisation has the opportunity to sustain and support groundbreaking business research and outstanding student talent. And you’ll raise your corporate profile even higher.

Sponsor a chair

Commit to the the future of business. Your company may wish to sponsor a chair in a field of study relevant to its strategy or sector. Recent RSM sponsorships include Duff & Phelps' sponsorship of the Chair in Business Analysis & Valuation and ECORY's sponsorship of Chair in Sustainability & Climate Change.  

Contact us

Satya Autar

Employer Relations Manager / CEMS Corporate Relations Manager