Martin Kersbergen

Martin Kersbergen

Programme: Executive International Master in Corporate Communication 2009
Currently: Manager Corporate Communications, DELA
Nominated by: Cees van Riel, Professor of Corporate Communication

 By giving voice to one of our greatest fears,  thereby transforming what can be unspeakable regret into a chance for outspoken celebration, RSM alumnus Martin Kersbergen has made the Eindhoven-based DELA Funeral Insurance worthy of global attention. With the campaign “Why wait until it’s too late – say something wonderful today,” Kersbergen opened up a confronting and fundamentally human issue: the fact that we may lose our loved ones before we can tell them just what they mean to us.

In early 2012 DELA launched the moving multi-media campaign, in which the public was encouraged to express their appreciation for their nearest and dearest. The result was international recognition for DELA, which garnered the prestigious Cannes International Lion d'Or Grand Prix 2013. Within the Netherlands, ‘Why wait..’ gave DELA claim to such top awards as the SAN Advertiser of the Year and Acccent awards, Esprix, ADCN, AMMA and Van Speijk Innovation Professional and Audience Awards.

It wasn’t Martin’s first triumph at DELA, or in the field of communications (he experienced a high level of success as, for example, the Head of Communications at BRO from 1998-2005). As DELA’s  Manager of Corporate Communications, a role he took on in late 2005,, Martin’s focus on communication, positioning, branding and reputation has played a clear strategic role in the growth of the company. Even in a challenging economy, DELA has doubled its insured capital, members, employees, locations and services under his watch. But his impact at DELA really soared after his MCC. Dr. Cees van Riel, who oversees the programme notes that Martin – whom he nominated for the DAA -  “rapidly developed into someone whose genuine interest in academic issues are readily translated into practice.” For his part, Martin feels his experience at RSM  “enriched my view and judgement in work and life.  I still benefit from [the experience] every day.”  His studies were distinguished by his winning the Shell Excellence Award for his final thesis.

Martin Kersbergen’s definition of success is threefold: “Success is being meaningful to my family, valuable to the company,and inspiring for others.”  His role model? “My father, who unexpectedly passed away in 1988 at the age of 42. He inspired me to follow my ambitions, develop my talents, and persevere when the going gets tough.”