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The recipients of this years' Distinguished Alumni Awards have gone above and beyond by contributing to the RSM community, the enviornment, businesses, and society. They are committed to making a positive impact and embody RSM's mission of being a force for positive change. Three categories of awards were recognised this year: for being a force for positive change, for achievement, and for volunteering.

The recipients of the Distinguished Alumni Awards 2022 are:

The idea that most significantly impacted my worldview is that ‘we are the people we have been waiting for’. At RSM I forged strong friendships, found bright minds that challenged me, and kind people that supported me. And five years later my significant other and I are still very happy – we met during a lecture. So I certainly have a lot to be grateful for.

Teodor Cătăniciu (Alumni Achievement Award Recipient 2022)

Philip is the driving force behind RSM’s Italy alumni chapter. He’s always looking for ways for fellow alumni to stay connected with each other, the school and alumni from other business schools.

Philip Lloyd (Alumni Volunteer Award Recipient 2022)

There is no single way to solve a problem and often looking outwards to see how others are tackling issues can spark ideas that would have otherwise never surfaced.

June Ip (Alumni Force for Positive Change Award Recipient 2022)