June Ip

Full Time MBA, 2012

Alumni Force for Positive Change Award Recipient 2022

Giving a voice to marginalised women in the technology industry

Breaking through the glass ceiling as an Asian female, June has become the vice-president of marketing for the Lenbrook group in Toronto. She also co-founded the RSM Alumni Chapter in Canada.

She uses her voice to help those who don't have a voice within the tech community and gender equality.

She is involved in minority women’s rights by giving a voice to the marginalized via her writing, which is featured on the YWCA blog, and advocacy in the male-dominated tech industry around issues like race and gender.

To gain new perspectives, June recently completed a master in law. She realises biases in technology create yet another hurdle for many marginalized groups. “I hope to be able to apply these learnings in my work as an instructor and consultant, where I often work with start-ups and scale-ups on bringing innovations to market.”

This puts June in a unique position to influence the thinking and strategies around how technology is designed and applied to problems at an early stage.

“There is no single way to solve a problem and often looking outwards to see how others are tackling issues can spark ideas that would have otherwise never surfaced,” June says.

June understands not only the struggle of women but also the struggle of minority women. She make a huge impact but is very humble.

“We have no shortage of problems to solve, from climate change to geopolitical conflicts, and the more people we can bring to the table to study these problems the more likely we are to have solutions that are not short-sighted or isolated in their benefits.”