Tom Marshall

Tom Marshall

MSc Management of Innovation, 2016

Alumni volunteer award recipient

There are several similarities in Tom’s two roles as founder of Extraordinary Life and as innovation consultant at Deloitte. In both, he generates real value for people by innovating to solve corporate challenges or creating a new approach to personal growth. The ways he combines human psychology and innovation theories are the foundation of his workshops, coaching and personal development sessions through Extraordinary Life, which empowers others to find their passion, and live fulfilling and successful lives.

At 23, Tom already wanted to enable people to live fulfilling lives. Through Extraordinary Life, he has already organised more than 60 coaching sessions and workshops for Erasmus University students and employees on a volunteer basis. He helps people to formulate goals, create strategies and build confidence. He has also taught the STAR Board and the RSM Case Society about ‘speaking with impact’.

Ultimately, Tom hopes Extraordinary Life will expand to other universities, and become a community or social movement to evolve society’s meaning of work and education. “We believe that building a community of young people is the best way to bring about positive social change,” he says.

His nominator, RSM’s career development manager Vildana Gacic, says she and Tom set up regular workshops for students. She says Tom’s values are closely connected to that of RSM. And that on top of his work at Deloitte, he spends at least 10 hours a week on volunteering to make an impact on students’ lives and on further scaling Extraordinary Life.