Career Advice

Career Advice

Our career advice is offered to you in the following ways:

  • Please note that RSM Career Centre does not provide feedback on CVs (module 2) and cover letters (module 3) in Your Career Builder during the month July. Alternatively, consider contacting a mentor through RSM MentorMe to get feedback on your CV and/or cover letter.

    With Your Career Builder you can follow online modules to identify who you are and what you want as well as prepare for the application process.
    RSM students can request an account for free and access Your Career Builder anywhere at any time. Please note that you need a security code to access each module. You can find the security codes on SIN Online

    Your Career Builder consist of the following modules:
    1. Identify your future career
    2. CV optimisation
    3. Cover letter writing
    4. Get a mentor through RSM MentorMe
    5. Job interview preparation
    6. LinkedIn optimisation

    The modules are connected to several online tools, for example to practice your interview skills, and to personal consultation and feedback options.

  • Please note that RSM Career Centre does not offer workshops during the month July and August. Alternatively, consider following the online modules in Your Career Builder.

    Check our events calendar for an up to date overview of the upcoming workshops and activities.
    Next to hosting companies and training agencies, RSM Career Centre offers three workshops throughout the year.

    Workshop How to set up a CV & Cover letter
    We will explain what we can do for you and give and provide you with information on how to set up a good CV and application letter. Were you planning to create your CV and looking for help? Do you want to have your CV & cover letter reviewed? Come to this session. There is enough time for individual feedback due to the limited places.

    Workshop How to prepare for an interview
    In a small group (max. 15 people) we will give you general information and advice about job interviews. You will get some tips & tricks and learn about the 'Do's and ‘Don'ts'. Next to this you can practice to introduce yourself and you will learn what to do with ‘tricky questions'... Do you have a job interview coming up? Or do you think it is useful for your future to know more about this subject? Come to this session. There is enough time for individual feedback due to the limited places.

    Workshop LinkedIn Optimisation
    During this workshop you will learn how to optimise your profile to use it as a personal marketing tool. Next to that you will be shown how to connect with alumni, how to learn more about companies, and how to list higher in search results. This workshop will be given in a computer room so that you can right away make updates to your profile (if you don't have a profile, please create one before attending the workshop) and search for best practices.

  • Please note that RSM Career Centre does not hold consultation hours during the month July and August. If you have any urgent questions, you can send an email to or come by our office in T5-03 in the Mandeville building.

    Do you want personal career advice? Do you have questions about doing an internship or finding a job? Come to the open consultation on Tuesday and Thursday 13:00 - 15:00 (check our SIN Online channel for an up to date overview) in T5-09.

    You can book 10 or 20 minute slots depending on the questions you have.

    If you want to have a CV check or cover letter feedback, you will first have to complete the online module in Your Career Builder or attend the workshop.