Forms & Documents

Forms & Documents

Do you need a university statement for your internship company? Or an internship contract? You can find it in this section. You can also find information how to register your internship and how to do an internship after your MSc degree.

  • You can also do an internship after graduation. You can fill out one of the postponement of active degree forms, if you would like to stay registered after your graduation.

    • EEA Form Postponement Active Degree granting
    • NON EEA in NL Form Postponement Active Degree granting  
    • NON EEA outside NL Form Postponement Active Degree granting              

    Please read this manual carefully if you would like to request a postponement of graduation for the academic year 2017-2018. The deadline for requesting postponement is 15 June 2018.                 

    If you remain registered at RSM, we can be your official contact during your voluntary internship; we can sign internship documents such as the company contract, if required. We cannot do this if you are no longer registered as a student at RSM when you are doing your voluntary internship.

    If you have any questions, you can send an email to or visit the open consultation every Tuesday and Thursday from 13:00-15:00 in T5-09.

  • RSM Career Centre can sign company documents for you.

    BSc and MSc students doing a voluntary internship, please complete the internship registration form and send it to us.

    BSc students doing an internship during their 7th trimester, you have to register your internship in Osiris Zaak. More information can be found in the Bachelor Internship Manual.

  • In the Netherlands 

    As a RSM student doing an internship in the Netherlands we advise you to sign a contract between you and the company (two party contract). This way what you agree on is confirmed in writing.  

    If you are a national from the EU/EEA (excluding Croatia), Switzerland and Japan you are free to live and work in the Netherlands without restrictions. Therefore it will not be necessary for RSM to be part of the internship agreement (read below for non-EU/EAA students). Companies often have their own standardised internship contract, but if they do not, you may use the examples here;

    Internship agreement in English
    Internship agreement in Dutch

    These examples can be used either when doing a compulsory internship or a voluntary internship. If the company however states RSM as a third party in their contract and insists on having a signature from RSM, you may always turn to

    If you are a non-EU/EAA student and your internship is part of your curriculum (compulsory) like the 3rd-year Bachelor internship, CEMS internship or the internships in the MSc programmes Supply Chain Management, Management of Innovation and Business Information Management, you need to use the template below.

    Internship agreement in English for non-EU/EAA student

    Non-EU/EEA student cannot do a voluntary internship. For more information specifically for non-EU/EEA students you may visit our dedicated web section.  

    Outside the Netherlands  
    When doing an internship abroad and the company wants to include RSM as a third party in the internship agreement you can best approach our office for help and advice.

  • Do you need a statement from RSM for arranging your visa, or does the company need proof of your enrolment at RSM? You can request such a statement by emailing RSM Career Centre. Please send us the following:

    • Full name
    • Date of birth
    • Student number
    • RSM programme
    • Company name, address, city and country, and
    • Start and completion date of the proposed internship.