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Most popular in-company

  • Essentials of Leadership
    Do you have a group of first-time managers in your organisation? Their specific job expertise is not enough: in this three-day programme they will learn the skills and techniques to better manage themselves and get the best out of their people, to benefit your organisation.
  • Strategic Problem-Solving
    Managers, professionals and consultants wrestling with complex business problems can attend this two-day workshop to acquire the techniques used by top consulting firms to structure, analyse and develop solutions for these issues, and apply them to your own organisation’s challenges.
  • Effective Negotiating Skills
    Go beyond haggling over price: you and your team can learn sound negotiation techniques to deliver value and create lasting business relationships. Develop and improve the individual styles and techniques of your people in this experiential three-day programme.
  • Project Management in Practice
    This three-day workshop provides managers with tools and techniques to help them better run the process and people aspects of projects. Participants can be a mix of project managers and non-project managers who want to be more effective in their ways of working.
  • Strategic Account Management
    In this three-day programme, your account managers will learn how to build stronger relationships with your customers, gain and maintain a competitive advantage, reduce the issue of price because of the value you provide, and encourage customer loyalty.
  • Make Strategy Work
    To build a future-proof organisation, your team must have strategic knowledge to make the right decisions. The this three-day high-impact programme, your people will learn how to help lead your organisation with renewed strategic leadership skills, insights and tools for strategic decision-making.

  • Women in Leadership
    In the two-day Women in Leadership programme, professionals will learn how to make their voice heard, take ownership, develop and understand their network, and gain confidence in being present. They learn how to manage themselves, relationships, diversity, and networks.
  • Business Model Innovation
    Every organisation needs to innovate to remain successful. This three-day programme provides your people with tools and techniques to create and test new ideas for their validity, and develop a business model and business case your team can pitch to your organisation.  
  • Change Management
    This three-day programme will bring your team hands-on knowledge about the complexity and messiness of change, and how to lead it effectively. It provides practical tools and theoretical foundations, as well as a confidential and safe forum for you to learn and exchange experiences. 
  • Sustainable Finance
    Learn how finance can be used to increase businesses’ contribution to a sustainable economy. Explore the newest approaches in sustainable investing and lending. The why, what and how of integrated and sustainable finance are addressed in this three-day programme. 
  • Fintech: from Strategy to Implementation
    Fintech is reshaping the financial services industry in an unprecedented way. Understand the latest and emerging fintech innovations, and their impact on the financial industry and beyond. Using real business cases, your team will gain strategic insights into developing a mindset for growth, and for managing fintech opportunities in your organisation.