Examination Board

Examination Board

The legal framework of the Examination Board is given by Dutch Law, in particular the Dutch Higher Education and Research Act (Wet op het hoger onderwijs en wetenschappelijk onderzoek- WHW). 

The Examination Board has a broad range of responsibilities pertaining to exams, including the following:

  • A supervisory responsibility with regard to exams and examinations (correctly applying examination regulations, mediation in appeals, quality assurance).
  • enforcing regulations (guidelines for examiners, regulations regarding fraud, assessment of exams, and compensation rules);
  • granting exception to regulations on a case-by-case basis (exemptions, additional opportunities for examination, granting lenience with reference to Binding Study Advice);
  • advisery tasks (periodic advice with reference to Binding Study Advice, advice to the dean with reference to the Teaching and Examination Regulations)


The Examination Board consists of six members of the faculty. The members are appointed by the Dean. The Examination Board collectively sets up rules and policy. The Examination Board as a whole meets once a month. Each member has his own portfolio. The Examination Board is supported by the secretary.


prof. dr. L.G. Kroon (chairman) in memoriam
ir. A.J. Roodink
dr. E.A. van der Laan
dr. A.H.L. Slangen
dr. B.H.E. Wempe
dr. M.B.J. Schauten (external member)

Secretary to the Examination Board

C.M. Dirks-van den Broek LL M (managing director / secretary)
I.M. van Essen LL M (deputy-secretary)
A.M. Schey MScBA (deputy-secretary)
A. Markus MSc (deputy-secretary)


D.M. Schonis (team leader) / G.M. den Bakker / M.D. van der Kooij/ G. Peters/ C.S. Andela