Why should you choose a customised programme?

With RSM's Customised Programmes, you will tackle your organisation's challenges. Companies approach RSM for help on a wide range of challenges, for example to support organisational change, enhance the leadership capabilities of top talents, develop managers' abilities to devise and implement their strategy, or equip its people with the skills to drive creativity and innovation within the company.

RSM customised programmes: tailored to your organisation's needs
RSM customised programmes: tailored to your organisation's needs  
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Whatever your request, we believe our educational solutions are most effective when truly tailored to your organisation's needs. RSM's customised programmes are:

  • built to take into account your company's business goals, culture, operating environment, people, and learning objectives
  • designed in close collaboration with your company and delivered to equip your specific target audience with the necessary competencies
  • delivered at RSM's campus in Rotterdam or any location of your choosing worldwide

Our programmes are inspiring and engaging, blending a range of formats from coaching, mentoring, workshops, and forums, to on-the-job learning, group projects, e-learning and classroom training.

People choose RSM because it is amongst the top 1% of education institutions schools worldwide to have triple-crown accreditation. With 25 years’ experience of management education and its own research institute, we are ranked as one of the FT’s top tier European business schools for education, and we are in the top 25 worldwide for research.

Our process: context, content, impact

First, we’ll need to know about your business needs, the environment in which you operate, your strategy and future plans. Are you planning an organisational change to meet new challenges in your market? What is your current culture and is that still supportive to your mission? In other words, what do you need to achieve as an organisation, now and in the future? With this in mind, we also want to know the implications for your people. What do you need them to do differently, and what knowledge and skills do they need to acquire to be prepared for the future? This ‘needs analysis’ forms the basis of our solution design and can also be offered as a service in itself.

What do we offer?

When we know more about you, we can offer better solutions for your organisation. This might be an in-company, customised version of an existing open programme, or a completely tailor-made programme, co-created with you to provide the solution to your unique challenges. Whatever fits best, our programmes aim to bring not only the organisational changes you require, but maximise the development of your people. To this end, we will work closely with stakeholders and decision-makers in your organisation to align all aspects of the programme, from the first contact right through to measuring the extent to which your business needs were met. A thorough evaluation process takes place at all stages of a programme to ensure constant evolution and improvement. And to gain the maximum impact from our programmes we can offer a range of follow-up activities to ensure that the learning is embedded within your organisation. Could your company benefit from a customised programme? Contact us to find out.