Starting today, think of yourselves as leaders of tomorrow's world

That is the essence of I WILL, which expresses the spirit of the people of Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM).

RSM is a diverse community of international students, faculty, alumni, business leaders and staff, each with one unifying commitment: to make business, and business education, a force for positive change. These ambitions, and the intrinsic motivations of the individuals behind them, form the fabric of RSM and I WILL.

A community of individuals who are making a commitment – saying I WILL – to the future we want to create. I WILL is visible and interactive everywhere; on Facebook, LinkedIn, and also throughout the campus with stylish I WILL photographic portraits and statements from RSM’s students, faculty and staff on proud display. I WILL is also part of students’ studies; it is integrated into the goal-setting segment of the curriculum.

What is your I WILL?