Dr Emilio Marti

Emilio Marti

Assistant Professor
Rotterdam School of Management (RSM)
Erasmus University Rotterdam


Emilio Marti is an assistant professor in the Business-Society Management Department at the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM). He joined the faculty in 2018 after post-doctoral positions at the Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, and the Cass Business School, City, University of London. He completed his PhD at the University of Zurich in 2015.

As an organization theorist, Emilio’s research focuses on (1) corporate social responsibility (CSR) and (2) the philosophy of science of organization theory. He contributes to these two research areas in the following ways:

  1. As a contribution to CSR research, Emilio explores how financial markets influence the CSR activities of companies. For example, building on prior work about how socially responsible investing may change the rules of the game within the economy (see Marti & Gond 2018), he is currently conducting an ethnography at a London-based shareholder engagement company (joint work with Tanja Ohlson).
  2. As a contribution to the philosophy of science of organization theory, Emilio mobilizes insights from pragmatist philosophy to show how organization theory can become more problem-driven. For example, he has used the case of financial regulation to delineate the performative effects of social science theories on public policy (see Marti & Scherer 2016).

In his empirical work, Emilio primarily uses qualitative research methods (e.g., interviews, content analysis, participant observation). His work has been published in the Academy of Management Review and the Journal of Management Studies.

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Assistant Professor

Erasmus University Rotterdam
RSM - Rotterdam School of Management
Department of Business-Society Management


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Research Methodology

  • Study year: 2018/2019
  • Code: BMRM1GBS
  • ECTS: 3 Level: Master

Research Methodology

  • Study year: 2018/2019
  • Code: BMRM3GBS
  • ECTS: 4 Level: Master