FC student members present themselves

FC student members present themselves


Hi, my name is Mathilde de Jonge, 22 and I am studying the master Marketing Management. I joined the Faculty Council for various reasons. Especially in these turbulent times, openness to students, decision-making and high quality of education are very important matters. Being part of the Faculty Council, I am able to represent the opinions of the students on these topics. Lastly, I want to create more awareness among students about what we do and what topics we discuss during our meetings.

Committees: HOKA committee, Engagement committee


Hi, I am Keisha Mathews, 20 and I am pursuing a bachelor’s degree in International Business Administration. This is currently my second year as a student representative on the RSM Faculty Council. I decided to join because I believe the Faculty Council addresses many consequential issues which directly and indirectly impact the students at RSM. In this role, I am able to represent the interests of the student body as a whole and to communicate various concerns, queries and suggestions I receive from students. 

Committees: Education committee, Finance committee


Hello, I am Tristan Davanzo, half Italian and half Dutch, but raised in Nigeria. I’m currently finishing my first master’s, am on the board of a B&R investment group, and am the treasurer of the Association of Students of African Heritage. Due to my studies and my interests, I decided to join the Faculty Council finance committee.

Committees: Finance committee


Hi, I am Younes Assou, the Vice-Chairman of the RSM Faculty Council and a member of Erasmus University Council. Next to all day meeting with my fellow members, I practice Muay Thai. The reason I joined the Faculty Council is mainly to help to improve student well-being, and to help with diversity policies at RSM.

Committees: Education committee, Engagement committee


Hey hey, I am Malin Holm and currently a third year Internatonal Business Administration student here at RSM. This is my second year on the RSM Faculty Council. Aside from that, I am also a teaching assistant for multiple first and second year courses in my programme. In my free time I like to go kayaking with the RCC on the Kralingse Plas. I joined the Faculty Council last year as I am passionate about improving the quality of education here at RSM.